Xbox Series S Games Price – Is Nintendo Switch 2 Powerful?

Xbox Series S Games Price

Xbox Series S Games Price – Is Nintendo Switch 2 Powerful?

A recent rumor about Nintendo’s successor to the Switch is causing waves in the gaming industry. The Twitter user Connor / 코너 / コナー, who goes by the handle OreXda, tweeted about the possible new chip for the Nintendo Switch. Connor claimed that the main CPU or SOC for the Nintendo Switch would be a 5LPP node, which can only be manufactured by Samsung in their foundry. If the rumor is true, the new chip will offer a 50% reduction in power consumption over the 8nm found in Orin, the chip used in the original Nintendo Switch. All of these things seem to be pointing eerily towards the next best console that matches it in terms of performance, the Series S. So, would spending money on Xbox Series S games price be worth it in the future?

Xbox Series S Games Price – Mapping Similarities

According to Z0m3le on Famiboards, the rumored new chip could offer 2TFLOPs in handheld mode, which is better than the Steam Deck.

The docked mode would offer 3.456TFLOPs, which is the same tier as Xbox Series S, and DLSS would be available in both modes.

This would be a significant upgrade for Nintendo, as they have not come close to current console generation hardware. At least, that has been the case since the Gamecube era over twenty years ago.

Not So Close, Nintendo!

However, the rumor was later debunked by Connor, who tweeted that the Tegra for Nintendo had been dropped a few days (or months) ago.

He explained that Nvidia changed Atlan to Thor, which is a known automobile CPU, and they had canceled Tegra.

The news of a possible new chip for the Nintendo Switch had sparked excitement among gamers. The smaller the nanometer of the chip, the more powerful the chip is.

Furthermore, Samsung is also one of the best chip manufacturers in the world. Their Galaxy S23 Ultra also features a 4 nm CPU, and it is usable as a professional-grade video camera.

The Future Seems Bright Though

Nintendo has always been known to take risks, and a possible new chip would not be a surprise. At least, that is how we look at a company that has been around for over 100 years.

Currently, consumers only get an increase in battery life with the updated version of the Nintendo Switch. However, the change in nanometers indicates a big increase in the power of the CPU.

Xbox Series S Games Price – Conclusion

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and Nintendo has always been a major player. They have always been willing to take risks, and it is evident in their history of creating consoles. That is why they are unique and innovative. As for matching Xbox Series S, it seems that there is still a lot of headroom to cover. So, your newest purchases like Atomic Heart are well worth their Xbox Series S games price.

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