Midnight Fight Express is a Wild and Bombastic Beat ‘Em Up

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Midnight Fight Express is a Wild and Bombastic Beat ‘Em Up

Midnight Fight Express is an epic beat ’em up with tight combat, solid levels, great sense of humor, and more. The game puts players in the shoes of Babyface. He is a former member of the criminal underworld who forgets his past and a mysterious drone awakens him. So, here are a few of the key features that make this game worth its Xbox games price:

  • Amazing combat system
  • Solid humor
  • Incredible set pieces
  • Managing the difficulty
  • A true cinematic experience

Xbox Games Price – Main Features

Amazing Combat System

Combat in Midnight Fight Express is smooth, impactful, and surprisingly deep. There are multiple skill trees that open the door to unique play styles and ways to interact with the world.

Players have access to light and heavy attacks, the ability to counter and punish, and more. They can even utilize weapons and the environment, gain access to some long-distance abilities, and perform epic finishers.

The presence of multiple enemy types and unique encounters help highlight these various abilities. So, players must engage them with all the mechanics available to them.

Solid Humor

Midnight Fight Express isn’t shy about its humor either, with clear parodies of films like Fight Club and other games.

The former is through fighting a character named Kyler Turden outside a nightclub and the latter in an entire mission where Babyface joins a studio-wide pillow fight while they’re on crunch. It stops only when S.W.A.T barges in and creates even more chaos.

Incredible Set Pieces

There are incredible set pieces as well, such as fighting on and through a speeding train, taking down a plane, and a couple of vehicle chases. These set pieces are not only visually stunning but also add variety to gameplay.

Managing the Difficulty

While there are still places the game falls short, the overall experience is fun, satisfying, and challenging. There are several areas and boss encounters that are just flat-out unfair towards the end of the game.

For example, one of the running gimmicks is that each level has a different gang or group, and one of them goes by the name Deadheads.

A True Cinematic Experience

Midnight Fight Express has one of the most cinematic systems in gaming. The brutal combat system gradually opens as the game’s story progresses, and its sense of style will keep players coming back for more.

Xbox Games Price – Summing Up

In conclusion, Midnight Fight Express is an excellent game that offers an engaging combat system with plenty of depth, humor and so much more. It is certainly a game that is worth its Xbox games price, and you need to try it out for yourself. Of course, there are several other options these days as well that fit the bill, and a great option is the remake of Resident Evil 4.

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