Next-Gen Minecraft on the Way? Major Glow Up Expected

Xbox Series X Games

Next-Gen Minecraft on the Way? Major Glow Up Expected

Minecraft could finally get the full next-gen upgrade players have wanted. Gaming insiders spotted clues suggesting a new native Xbox Series X/S version is coming.

Game news doesn’t stay secret for long these days. Big leaks can ruin surprises, like details spilling about the upcoming Starfield game. But some leaks bring excitement, like this new Minecraft speculation.

So, it is only fair that we take this news just as seriously, and if true, it could turn out to be one of the best things to happen in this decade. The new game will easily become one of the best Xbox Series X games you can buy.

Xbox Series X Games – Rating Board Points to Next-Gen Release

On August 17th, a writer saw Germany’s game rating board list a Series X/S rating for Minecraft. This indicates Xbox is developing an edition just for new consoles instead of backward compatibility.

Current Series X/S Minecraft play is fine but limited to old Xbox One visuals and performance. Unlocking the full power of new Xbox hardware could take the blocky pixels to new levels. Microsoft’s crown jewel could look and play better than ever before.

Still Not Official Confirmation

Of course, Xbox hasn’t actually announced or confirmed this yet. It’s possible the rating leak means nothing. But when rating boards renew old game listings, it often signals new versions are on the way. So, chances seem high that next-gen Minecraft is really on the way.

The Game We Deserve

Either way, Minecraft will remain a beloved classic. But new consoles absolutely deserve an edition that takes full advantage of cutting-edge hardware. Visuals, performance, loading times, and more may all go to new heights. The immense pixel world could be realized in ways not previously possible.

What Makes Minecraft Special?

Some people might not get the hype that comes with a title like Minecraft, but then they most likely have not tried it at all. The game is a testament to what people can do when you give them free rein in terms of creativity. So, the game is popular even right now and there does not seem to be an end to its fame.

Xbox Series X Games – Highly Appreciated and Anticipated Game

It’s past time Minecraft got the full glow-up treatment to match the power and potential of Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft has already unleashed the wonders of Flight Simulator on these new machines. Now it’s time for their other giant franchise to get the same next-gen love. Minecraft players eagerly await the day blocky worlds open in never-before-seen beauty and fluidity when a native new generation release finally arrives.

Of course, while you wait for the new title to drop, you can also play the previous Xbox Series X games, especially the latest Minecraft Legends.

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