Play Quake II in a New Way with This Amazing Remaster

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Play Quake II in a New Way with This Amazing Remaster

Quake II is a classic shooter game that was released in 1997 by Id Software. It is a sequel to Quake, and it follows a space marine who fights against an alien race called the Strogg. The game is among the most popular online Xbox Series X games.

Now, Quake II has been given a new life with a remaster that is available to play right now. Also, the remaster has been done by Nightdive Studios, a company that specializes in restoring and enhancing old games.

Online Xbox Series X Games – What Does the Remaster Offer?

Improved Graphics and Sound

The remaster has enhanced the visuals and the audio of the game. So, the cinematics are more detailed, the animations are smoother, and the accessibility features are more user-friendly.

The remaster also brings back the original soundtrack by Sonic Mayhem, which adds to the atmosphere and the excitement of the game.

Lots of New Content

The remaster does not only include the base game but also the expansions that were released for it. So, these expansions add 33 more campaign levels and 21 more multiplayer maps to the game.

Moreover, the remaster introduces a whole new expansion called “Call of the Machine”, which adds another 28 campaign levels to the game. That means you have a lot of gaming hours to enjoy with the remaster.

Great Co-op Mode

The remaster lets you play the game with your friends in co-op mode. You can team up with other players online or locally to fight against the Strogg. Online co-op supports up to 16 players, while local co-op supports up to four players. Co-op mode is a great way to have fun and challenge yourself with your friends.

How Can You Get the Remaster?

The remaster is available on all platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC. However, if you are an Xbox player, you have an advantage. You can get the remaster for free if you have a Game Pass subscription.

Game Pass is a service that lets you play hundreds of games for a monthly fee. You can save some money and play Quake II with Game Pass.

Bethesda, the publisher of Quake II, is very generous to its fans. It is not only giving them this surprise remaster but also working hard on its upcoming game Starfield, which will be free to download for Game Pass subscribers before its release.

Online Xbox Series X Games – Conclusion

Quake II is a game that deserves a remaster for the countless fans the game still has. So, the remaster makes it even better and more enjoyable. It is a game that you should not miss if you love shooter games or retro games. Other great online Xbox Series X games are also up for grabs, and you can start off with Street Fighter 6.

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