Redfall’s Player Count Plummets to Just Double Digits

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Redfall’s Player Count Plummets to Just Double Digits

The new Xbox exclusive Redfall has shockingly low player numbers, cementing its status as a major flop. The multiplayer vampire shooter has dwindled down to just double-digits in terms of the number of users on Steam. So, if you want to buy Xbox Series S games, this is a title you need to stay away from.

Buy Xbox Series S Games – Harsh Feedback Since Launch

Redfall launched in May 2022 due to a lot of negative feedback. Both players and critics criticized it heavily for having repetitive gameplay, a generic design, many issues, bugs, and a lack of fun. Currently, its Steam reviews sit at “Mostly Negative.”

A screenshot on Reddit by user sadiqfaizee shows just how bad the player drop-off has become. It has only 15 players in the game at the time of posting. The peak number for 24 hours was 47 users, and 6,124 is the peak all-time since launch.

Fans Not Surprised by Low Interest

These tiny player figures are not a surprise to anyone who is aware of the game’s reception. “15 people too much,” one Redditor joked about the current users. Many agree that Redfall did not deliver a good experience in any way.

No Signs of Turnaround

There is little hope that Redfall’s fortune will improve in the coming days and weeks. The developer Arkane Studio hasn’t given post-launch plans or fixes that might renew interest. Even if updates arrive, the boring core gameplay will still push people away as per the reviews.

Game Pass Offering Not Enough

Redfall’s inclusion on Xbox Game Pass also did not drive lasting player retention. Some say that they would only briefly try it as there with no incentive to purchase the full game. Also, Game Pass affords little value for the title as well.

What Went Wrong?

So, how did a major Xbox exclusive featuring cooperative vampire hunting go so wrong? Well, the most common issues that we can find in the game are about having repetitive quests, bad mechanics, a lack of a good story or characters, and even technical and performance issues.

Being an online game only makes things worse, as it also reduces the number of players willing to join games. So, that can have a snowball effect on the entire game and push it down further.

Buy Xbox Series S Games – The Road Ahead

As it stands, Redfall seems unlikely to find its way back after such a rough start. But there are lessons that Arkane can learn from this flop. Working hard on key things like smooth gameplay and unique ideas can save other titles from becoming flops, too.

For now, the small player base serves as a cautionary tale of failed execution. But with support from Xbox, Arkane has the potential to bounce back. Of course, there are other great options that gamers can consider for now when they buy Xbox Series S games. One option that we would recommend getting is the new Dead Space remake.

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