Microsoft Bringing Another Exclusive with Fallout 5

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Microsoft Bringing Another Exclusive with Fallout 5

It looks like Fallout fans who don’t own an Xbox might be in for some bad news. According to a conversation between Xbox executives, Fallout 5 might only be available on Xbox, leaving PlayStation owners out in the cold. Let’s dive deeper into the possible Xbox exclusivity of Fallout 5 and if it will be among the cheapest Xbox One games.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – Fallout 5 Release Date is Still Unknown

Bethesda Softworks, the developer of the Fallout games, said earlier that it won’t be releasing Fallout 5 anytime soon.

The company’s focus is on The Elder Scrolls VI for now, and that won’t be complete for years. Only after that will Bethesda start working on Fallout 5. So, it’s anybody’s guess when the game will come out.

Xbox Might Have Exclusive Rights to Fallout 5

A conversation between Xbox executives suggests that Fallout 5 might not be available on PlayStation at all. The chat, which took place in November 2021 and came to light in Microsoft’s court battle.

It focuses on the alleged statement by Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Apparently, he said that all future ZeniMax games (which owns Bethesda Softworks) will be exclusive to Xbox consoles.

This means that PlayStation owners will not miss out on Fallout 5 only. In fact, they will also miss out on new Elder Scrolls, DOOM, and Wolfenstein games.

Xbox’s CFO, Tim Stuart, shared his surprise and asked for clarification, and Xbox Game Studios head, Matt Booty, replied, “Phil [Spencer] told them all titles going forward, Xbox exclusive.”

What About PlayStation Owners?

If the conversation between Xbox executives is true, then Fallout fans who don’t own an Xbox might be disappointed. They’ll have to buy a new-gen Xbox console if they want to play Fallout 5 when it comes out.

However, plans can always change, so there’s still a chance that the game might still come to PlayStation after all. PlayStation owners might feel left out in the cold, but they still have access to a range of other games.

The PlayStation 5, for example, has several exclusive titles, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Additionally, PlayStation owners can still enjoy the previous Fallout games on their consoles.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – What About Xbox Owners?

If Fallout 5 is indeed exclusive to Xbox consoles, then Xbox owners have something to look forward to. They’ll be the only ones able to play the game when it finally comes out. This might be a selling point for those who were considering buying an Xbox console.

In addition to Fallout 5, Xbox owners also have access to a range of exclusive titles, such as the Halo series, Forza Horizon 5, and Gears of War.

Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that allows players to access a library of games, also offers a range of exclusive titles. As for people looking for cheapest Xbox One games, there’s always Atomic Heart available to play.

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