Starfield Will Have Countless Side Quests and Choices

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Starfield Will Have Countless Side Quests and Choices

Starfield is a new game from Bethesda that lets players explore a huge galaxy full of planets. It is the biggest game Bethesda has ever made. However, the main story is surprisingly short when you consider the size of its galaxy. That means the real meat and potatoes will be in the exploration and side content, and according to a Bethesda producer, there’ll be a lot of it. None of it will be as the cheapest Xbox One games option, though.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – Side Quests: Adventures Within Adventures

In a developer interview with Starfield producer Jamie Mallory, he talked about the side quests and factions in the game. He said there are so many factions quests that it is “astonishing”.

He said each faction quest is like “a grand adventure within an adventure, where every choice you make and every interaction you have shapes the course of the tale.”

Players will have to find these factions and quests by themselves, but they might get some hints from the main story. Mallory also mentioned a “main golden path storyline” which suggests that Starfield might have only one ending for everyone. But players can still choose different ways to get there.

Main Story is One Golden Path?

This is not confirmed yet, and maybe Starfield will have different endings like other Bethesda games, except Skyrim. But it seems that the side quests will not affect the main story much, and the factions will not be very important for the main plot.

But that does not mean the side quests are not important. They are what make Starfield a rich and diverse game. Players can spend thousands of hours doing them and seeing everything the galaxy has to offer.

Side Exploration Means a Galaxy Full of Possibilities

Some of the side quests might involve exploring new planets, discovering ancient secrets, meeting alien races, fighting space pirates, trading with merchants, mining resources, crafting items, upgrading your ship, and more.

The choices you make in these quests might have consequences for your reputation, your relationships, your skills, your inventory, and your experience.

Some of the factions might have different goals, values, histories, cultures, and conflicts. You might be able to join them, help them, betray them, or ignore them.

The factions might also have different rewards, challenges, allies, enemies, and stories. You might be able to influence their fate or learn more about their background.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – Play it Your Way

Starfield is a game that will give you a lot of freedom and variety in how you play it. You can follow the main story or create your own story. Focus on one faction or explore many factions if you like.

Additionally, you can be a hero or a villain, a fighter, or an explorer. You can be whatever you want to be in Starfield. However, if you want to play the cheapest Xbox One games, then Red Dead Redemption 2 is a solid alternative.

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