Xbox Games – 4 Best Indie Video Games Launching in 2023

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Xbox Games – 4 Best Indie Video Games Launching in 2023

2022 has been a great year for the gaming community. Hundreds of games were released, and gamers have exciting opportunities to explore numerous genres like never before. Well, 2022 is about drawing its curtain, and we are almost ushering in 2023. What does the New Year have in stock for gamers? What new Xbox games are making it into our world in the coming year? You can expect more groundbreaking game themes and adventurous titles. While we wait for the rollout of these games, let us whet your appetite with these 4 Indie video games set to launch in 2023.

Top 4 Indie Xbox Games to Launch in 2023

Without a doubt, the Indie game market offers some of the best video games you will find. Of course, they have some of the craziest and most terrible video games too.

However, the market has a lot going for it. Today, we are focusing on the 4 best Xbox games from this market while we ignore the poor options. So, what are the best Indie video games to look forward to in 2023?

#1: Another Crab’s Treasure

The gameplay of Another Crab’s Treasure is spectacular. It is colorful, unique, and quite adorable. You play as a crab using ocean garbage armor and engage in boss battles. You also get to explore the deep sea environment.

Playing in the crab’s character is fun as you gracefully avoid attacks, shoot across gaps, and climb walls with a grappling hook. Another Crab’s Treasure will be one of the best Xbox games from the Indie market in 2023.

#2: Sea of Stars

If you love a good turn-based RPG game, then you will enjoy playing Sea of Stars. The game takes you into an adventurous world of fighters where you have the power to control the moon and the sun. If you are looking for a challenging game to immerse yourself in, Sea of Stars is a good choice for you.

#3: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

This is one of the most anticipated Xbox games of indie origin in 2022. However, it was delayed and has been scheduled to launch in 2023. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a fast-paced frenetic, free-wheeling with a touch of hyper-stylized extremely punk sound. This game will undoubtedly move you to a new gaming height. Without a doubt, this game may be one of the secret classics worth looking forward to in the New Year.

#4: Paleo Pines

If you are a great fan of dinosaurs, this game is something you would like. The dinosaurs in Paleo Pines are adorable, and the game comes with all the standard features you find in a thriving ranch.

From growing crops to making friends with the locals and building a successful farm with many dinosaurs, you will find this game engaging. It is also a great choice for kids.

Final Thought on New Xbox Games from the Indie Market

We look forward to scores of new indie Xbox games in the coming year but these are four of those we have vetted. If you prefer non-violent games, these are great options to watch out for in 2023.

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