Xbox One Games – Chances of Activision Deal Finalization This Week

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Xbox One Games – Chances of Activision Deal Finalization This Week

We are all eagerly waiting for the purchase of Call of Duty publisher Activision Blizzard by Xbox. So, it seems that the subsidiary of Microsoft will finally get the approval this week and finalize the deal. It has been over a year since the deal was first made public. So, after a lot of drama and delays, Xbox will finally own Activision Blizzard. The effects of this deal on Xbox One games and next-gen consoles are already on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so. The $68.7 billion deal has faced many challenges and opposition from competing parties, especially Sony.

Xbox One Games – Regulatory Challenges

The process has been far from simple, as Microsoft has had to get approval from market regulators globally. The deal has been under a lot of scrutiny from many key parties. So, Microsoft has had to share details and make changes to secure approval.

Opposition from Sony

Sony, a major player in the gaming industry, has been quite vocal in opposing the deal. The company fears that the deal would give Xbox too much control over the industry.

Call of Duty would become available on Xbox Game Pass and that would mean making it an exclusive title. So, Sony previously put a deal in place to keep the popular FPS series from joining Microsoft’s Game Pass service.

Additionally, Sony has shared fears that Microsoft would make poorer versions of Call of Duty for PlayStation. So this could cause lasting damage to the brand.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Gives Assurances

Xbox chief Phil Spencer has promised many times to bring Call of Duty to PlayStation for the long term. The surprise 10-year deal to bring the series to Nintendo consoles also backs his promise well. Microsoft also says that it will make “zero business sense” to make Call of Duty an exclusive.

Reports of Approval

Recent reports say that the deal will end in Microsoft’s favor this week. An article from the Financial Times claims that the $68.7 billion dollar deal will get all the approvals it needs.

If this happens, new negotiations will likely come in to ensure that Call of Duty remains available on PlayStation. Both Microsoft and Sony are billion-dollar companies, and it’s hoped that both parties will reach common ground in the end.

Xbox One Games – New Developments Await

The approval of the Xbox Activision Blizzard deal will mark a huge shift in the gaming scene. The deal has been under process for too long, and its approval will open new possibilities for Xbox and Microsoft.

Everything from Xbox One games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare II to other newer titles will be seen differently. Of course, we certainly hope that this new view of Microsoft and Xbox will be a positive one. After all, gaming is nothing if there is no friendly competition present between team green and team blue.

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