Xbox Games Cheap – Xbox Not Getting New Call of Duty

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Xbox Games Cheap – Xbox Not Getting New Call of Duty

Activision has announced a new addition to the Call of Duty franchise. However, it’s not what fans were expecting. Instead of a new video game, Call of Duty: The Board Game will come out in 2024. However, it won’t be available on consoles. This announcement has surprised many fans, but it has also piqued the interest of tabletop gamers. Will this be a different option for people looking for Xbox games cheap?

Xbox Games Cheap – Rumors Were Not True After All

The rumor mill was saying that we would see a single-player campaign about the character Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley. However, this new game will not focus on the Ghost’s story or the origins of the character.

Instead, Activision has teamed up with Arcane Wonders, Genuine Entertainment, and Evolution to create a board game. Call of Duty: The Board Game is going to be a fast strategy game.

So, it will have a unique action system, and a variety of maps and modes. While it may be hard to imagine an FPS series like Call of Duty as a tabletop game, the details from the developers do sound great.

Lead Designer Bryan Pope Has High Hopes

Bryan Pope, the lead designer of the game and CEO of Arcane Wonders, shared his excitement about the project. He says that they have worked hard to show the scope, stakes, and intensity of the series.

So, they want to please both Call of Duty fans and board gamers with it. The team also wishes to see the competitiveness of Call of Duty in game nights for many years.

The Fans Do Not Seem Too Impressed

The announcement has had mixed reactions from fans of the franchise. Some are excited to see the new twist, and others feel let down for not getting a new video game.

However, preorders will go live on Kickstarter this autumn, and many are waiting to see how the game turns out.

We Find the New CoD Quite Refreshing

Digital games are clearly on the rise now and there is a decline in board games. So, it’s refreshing to see a popular video game franchise like CoD making a tabletop game.

It’s certainly hard to imagine a game that is all about fast action and shooting turned into a board game. However, the developers are confident that they can capture the essence of the franchise like this.

Xbox Games Cheap – Appealing to the Fans is Key

So, one thing that could work in the game’s favor is the fan base. Call of Duty has a massive fan base that has been following the series for many years. So, the game needs to show the same level of intensity and competitiveness as video games. If done right, it could be a big hit among fans of the franchise and become a success. It might also be a great alternative to Xbox games cheap like Minecraft.

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