Xbox One Games – Diablo 4’s Endgame Might Look Like an MMO

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Xbox One Games – Diablo 4’s Endgame Might Look Like an MMO

Blizzard says that Diablo 4, their upcoming game, will be an action RPG and not an MMO game. Associate game director Joe Piepiora says that the game’s focus is on dungeon crawling, monster slaying, and loot collection. It does not focus on endless efforts to gain more power. So, as far as Xbox One games go, it is certainly worth its hype.

Xbox One Games – All About Overpowered Builds and Monsters

Firstly, Diablo 4’s open-world design will let players team up to help with world events and world bosses. So, the game will feel bigger without forcing group activities, as in an MMO.

Piepiora says that in Diablo 4, everyone is a damage dealer. So, the game’s fantasy is about creating overpowered builds and blowing up screens full of monsters.

Therefore, the team wants to preserve these elements and only these. They don’t want to worry about balancing multiple players in a party that has to work together.

Plenty of Reasons to Keep Playing

Secondly, after completing Diablo 4’s story, players will have many reasons to return. They can go to old dungeons and parts of the map to obtain better gear.

This also includes nightmare dungeons with unique challenges, bounties, and PvP zones. The game’s level cap is 100, and players will earn paragon points as they play the game.

They can be spent on various stat increases on a giant board. Unlike Diablo 3’s endless point system, Diablo 4 will limit how many players can earn.

Focusing on Quality Not Quantity

Thirdly, Piepiora says that they are not trying to make a game where players feel that they must play forever. However, they want players to play and enjoy the game while they’re playing it.

So, after reaching level 100, players can configure the board exactly the way they want. They can do this by rotating the paragon board around, choosing nodes that fit their build, and adding glyphs.

The objective is to move points around as players take on harder challenges and as the meta changes.

Season Based Gameplay

Diablo 4 will have seasons, and players will start a new character and level them for each season. They can take part in the activities laid from the endgame video and work on objectives in the “seasonal journey”.

Doing this will earn players progress on the battle pass through “favor.” The battle pass will have a free track with things like XP boosts for all players.

Additionally, there will also be a premium track with strictly cosmetic rewards. Piepiora says that players can complete the entirety of the battle pass in about 80 hours.

Xbox One Games – Skippable Endgame

Piepiora also says that campaign players who do not want to play the endgame can skip it. So, they can come back when a story update happens or when something else interests them. Diablo 4 will launch on June 6. So, players can plan out their builds now using the tool based on the game’s recent beta. In the meanwhile, you can try some other amazing Xbox One games like Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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