Online Xbox Games – Controller Made Out of Old CDs

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Online Xbox Games – Controller Made Out of Old CDs

Microsoft has recently announced a new Xbox wireless controller. What makes it special is that it is made from partially reclaimed compact discs in honor of Earth Day. The Remix Special Edition controller uses a range of recycled resins from old plastic products. These include water jugs, car headlight covers, and CDs. Additionally, parts from leftover Xbox One controllers are also present in the mix. The design makes sure that the durability or performance of the new controller stays the same. So, playing online Xbox games using this controller is certainly the coolest thing we can think of.

Online Xbox Games – Meeting Sustainability Goals

Around a third of the new controller’s plastic comes from regrind or reclaimed materials. In line with the sustainability goals, this new version of the controller comes with a rechargeable battery pack.

The standard model does not have that and still relies on disposable AA batteries. The battery pack can provide up to 30 hours of charge and can be put on a charge while you play games.

The controller design is also attractive and shows Microsoft’s home state of Washington in the United States. The colors remind you of a Pacific Northwest forest, and you could easily mistake it for NFL teams.

In fact, the colors of the Seattle Seahawks or MLS Seattle Sounders team uniform come to mind. Seattle Sounders had Xbox as their sponsor for the longest time and had the Xbox logo on their jerseys too.

All Part of Microsoft’s Carbon Neutral Target

Microsoft is exploring ways to reduce waste and use less new plastic in its products. The aim is to bring fans along with them on their goals to be more sustainable in all Xbox products.

The Remix Special Edition rechargeable battery pack is, therefore, a key element, and it stops the use of disposable batteries. The controller costs $85 and is available for pre-order ahead of its release on April 18 at retailers globally.

In February of this year, Xbox became the first “carbon aware” console through an update. This update made every Xbox console default to an energy-saving option.

They will save “the equivalent of carbon removed by one tree planted and grown for a decade.” This is what Microsoft says will happen for every two Xbox consoles that switch to this mode for a year.

Online Xbox Games – A Great Step in the Right Direction

Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability is commendable, and the new controller is a step in the right direction. By using recycled materials, regrind, and rechargeable batteries, they are reducing waste and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

How much of an impact this new design will have on their overall goals is still a guess for now. However, it is quite clear that playing online Xbox games on this controller will feel quite special. So, games like Evil West would benefit a lot from a controller like this.

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