Company of Heroes 3 is Finally on Console, and it is Amazing!

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Company of Heroes 3 is Finally on Console, and it is Amazing!

If you love playing games about warfare, then you have come to the right place. We are discussing a game that has a lot of potential when it comes to strategic warfare. Yes, the game in question is Company of Heroes 3, and it has a lot of things that could make it one of the best online Xbox games. So, here are the key features that make it so amazing:

  • Full Tactical Pause option
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Battlegroups
  • Dynamic campaign and historical battles

Online Xbox Games – Main Features

Full Tactical Pause Option

Firstly, the game offers a special feature that makes playing on the console a lot more manageable. This is the Full Tactical Pause, and it lets you stop the game to analyze the situation and figure out your next moves.

You can also queue your commands in this stage and then use them to destroy your enemies completely. Of course, the game will also react to your actions so you can modify them as you go.

New Gameplay Mechanics

Secondly, the game offers several unique features, and each one adds a lot of depth to the gameplay. Infantry units can hitch a ride on the tank units now, and that opens so many new tactical possibilities.

Additionally, being on the higher ground gives your infantry units a bonus as well, which makes the environment more interactive. Lastly, your vehicles will now have side armor profiles, too, so tactics like flanking can be more rewarding.


Thirdly, the battlegroups in this game have a key role to play. So, Company of Heroes 3 offers up to 10 units in each battlegroup, and they can have unique abilities. You will also have two trees in each battlegroup and a lot of choices.

So, the tactical possibilities are truly endless. Additionally, the battlegroups will also be international. That means you will have forces from Canada, India, and Italy available in this option as well.

Dynamic Campaign and Historical Battles

Finally, the game offers a highly dynamic campaign that lets you make sure you make the right move. You can plan your moves in its turn-based map and ensure your victory on every battlefield.

The game also puts you in charge of a lot of key tasks like managing supply lines, using local networks, bringing in the Navy and air force for aid, and even adding new upgrades as needed.

Of course, all of this becomes even more immersive when you get to play real iconic battles in Italy. Locations include Monte Cassino, Anzio, and Salerno.

Online Xbox Games – Conclusion

In conclusion, Company of Heroes 3 is a great game that you must play if you want to enjoy a true strategy experience. It has the potential to be one of the best online Xbox games in its genre. If you want to step into something different, then you can also give the new Minecraft Legends a try.

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