Xbox Series X Games – Microsoft’s Carbon Aware Update

xbox series x games

Xbox Series X Games – Microsoft’s Carbon Aware Update

Microsoft is rolling out a new update for Xbox consoles with some new features. One of them is “carbon aware” which was tested last month. This feature lets you set game, app, and OS updates based on local carbon data. This means that your Xbox will download Xbox Series X games files when renewable energy is likely available. So, you will reduce your console’s carbon emissions and even save money on your electricity bill.

Xbox Series X Games – The “Shutdown (energy saving)” Option

Another feature added in this update is the “Shutdown (energy saving)” option. By choosing this option, you can cut your console’s power consumption by a lot. Estimates show it can be up to 20 times less when compared to leaving it in sleep mode.

However, this may increase the startup time and disable remote wake functionality. But it will save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Switching two consoles to this mode for a year is equivalent to planting and growing one tree for a decade.

In addition, the February update lets you set a solid color as the home screen background. You can find this feature in the Personalization menu within the Settings app.

This prevents games from changing the Xbox’s home screen background and lets you choose a color you like.

Partnering with Google

Furthermore, Microsoft has partnered with Google to let Xbox owners use Google’s Home app as a touch remote. You can easily turn your Xbox console on and off, navigate on-screen, and control media playback. Simply refresh the list of available devices and tap on your Xbox to get started.

Microsoft wants to reduce the carbon footprint of its products and services. So, this new update is just one example of their efforts. The company has set a goal of being carbon negative by 2030.

They plan to achieve this by reducing emissions across their operations. They will invest in carbon removal technologies and advocate for policies that support sustainability.

Features like the “carbon aware” and the “Shutdown (energy saving)” option will let customers be more environmentally friendly. These features are easy to use and can have a significant impact on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Xbox Series X Games with Better Experience

The February update also includes improvements to the Xbox Series X games experience. You get faster load times, better graphics, and enhanced sound quality. Microsoft continues to invest in the Xbox platform and wants to give customers the best possible gaming experience.

Overall, the new Xbox update is a step in the right direction toward a better future. Microsoft is setting an example for other companies to follow by adding energy saving features.

It’s important that we all do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. So, the new Xbox update is certainly a great place to start. After you are done playing your favorite new titles like Hogwarts Legacy, you can rest easy you are saving energy.

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