4 Best Players to Snipe in FIFA 23 to Earn More FIFA Coins

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4 Best Players to Snipe in FIFA 23 to Earn More FIFA Coins

FIFA 23 has tons of players you can buy, but only a few are worth sniping to earn more FIFA coins. The first thing you must understand is that the prices of players are not stable and will change with time.

However, some players are worth sniping irrespective of their prices because they will earn you more. Therefore, if you have enough FIFA coins to snipe a player; go right ahead and do it. This post looks at the four best FIFA 23 players you can snipe.

What is Sniping?

This is a fast method of snapping a player from the transfer market for lower than their standard value. Speed is of the essence when snipping. That is because other buyers are competing to buy these players on the transfer market.

To snipe a player, you must secure the target a few seconds after the card goes live. Why do gamers sell players below their normal market value? Many gamers lack a good understanding of the market, and for some reasons, they dispose of valuable players fast without necessarily knowing their worth.

They list these players for less than their value. Other gamers capitalize on these mistakes and snipe the players within seconds of being listed.

How do You Snipe in FIFA 23 to Earn More FIFA Coins?

You must be fast when you want to snipe players from the market. The first step is to type the name of the player you want in the search box and check his average market value. Adjust the “Buy Now” slider for a little less than the market value, and keep hitting the search button until you see a listing.

Locate the player at the cheapest listing price and buy it off before someone else does. Refresh the page and repeat the process for other players.

4 Best FIFA 23 Players Worth Sniping

Julian Alvarez: Many people believe the Argentinian player will become the next “Aguero” because of the much hypes around him. Join the party and snipe this player off the market to make a profit in FIFA coins. You can buy Julian Avarex for about 3300 to 3400 and resell him for 4000 FIFA coins later.

Nacho Hernandez: If you do not have the neck-breaking fund of buying from the Premier League, you can choose Nacho Hernandez as a good alternative. With an 82 rating, you can buy him for about 1000 coins and resell it for 1400 coins. Being Spanish, his local fans would always require him in a starter squad, including some SBCs.

Bruno Guimaraes: Here is your go-to player when you want to start playing SBCs. Brazilian gamers interested in playing Premier League must have Bruno Guimaraes in their squad, making him a hot cake in the market. You can resell him for about 2200 coins on the transfer market.

Martial: Many starter squads have Martial and being a French player in Premier League, you will certainly profit from investing in him. He currently sells for about 3000 FIFA coins.

What’s Best to Earn More FIFA Coins?

There you have a list of the top four players you can snipe to earn more FIFA coins. As mentioned, speed is of import when trying to snipe a player. Follow the steps enumerated in this post to snipe all players you need.

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