How to Enjoy FUT 23 and Earn Plenty of FIFA Coins PS4

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How to Enjoy FUT 23 and Earn Plenty of FIFA Coins PS4

Having fun in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is a primary reason you invest time in the game. Of course, winning and earning FIFA coins PS4 rewards is also important. However, you should not get frustrated about the challenges you come across while playing the game.

This post provides you with valuable tips to protect your nerves, keep your controller safe, and avoid angrily turning off your console. Let’s see how FIFA 23 Ultimate Team can be fun.

Set a Season Goal

Having something to look forward to will keep you going even in the face of defeat. Get creative and set goals that will keep you in the game for longer. You can set goals to attain Rank I a minimum of three times during the new Weekend League system by the end of the season.

You can also set your goal for the end of the year. Setting goals is a great way to make FUT more fun and not just grinding to earn more FIFA coins PS4 rewards.

Do not Buy FUT Points – Rather invest in FIFA Coins PS4

Even if you feel you are late for day 1 trading, you should not fall for the temptation of buying FUT points. Of course, you can buy FIFA coins PS4 to invest in your players and squad. However, it is a waste to spend a fortune on FIFA Points. You can still get more coins without FIFA Points.

Combine Favorites and Meta

Meta players are very important because they offer the best advantages in the game. Having the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, or Kylian Mbappe on your team will increase your chances of winning and having more fun in the game. However, you do not have to spend a fortune to acquire them.

Instead, use your FIFA coins PS4 to buy players you like and connect with, even if you experience a couple of defeats. If you can afford meta players, then go ahead and acquire them.

Play for Fun and not always for FIFA Coins PS4

It is normal to desire to win. As a fact, FIFA becomes uninteresting when you continually have streaks of losses. However, having fun should be your priority. You are not a paid professional and the game is not your source of livelihood.

You play FIFA 23 in your free time and it should be fun for you. You can always replay the game if you lose. Do not be too hard on yourself because if you do, the fun will be out of the game and you may get depressed.

Take a Break

This can be a game-changer and refreshing. When you have had streaks of defeats, close your PS and do something else. Whether you are having winning streaks or losses, you should take a break after a prolonged game time. Taking a break ensures better concentration when restarting.


These are five top tips to help you enjoy FUT 23 without being on strung nerves all day long. FIFA 23 should be fun. Therefore, do not make a big deal out of losing. You can always get better and play better to earn more FIFA coins PS4.


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