Best Goalkeepers to Buy with FIFA Coins in FIFA 23

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Best Goalkeepers to Buy with FIFA Coins in FIFA 23

When it comes to curating goalkeepers in FIFA 23, there are certain methods to make the process easier for you. To start with, you need goalkeepers who play senior minutes and have great match ratings to boost your team’s performance. Good performances ensure more FIFA coins earnings. Having your keepers frequently on the pitch is also important to their health. If you are unable to use them for some minutes, consider loaning them out to clubs where they can play senior minutes.

If you keep them redundant, you will risk their growth. The next thing to do to curate the best keepers is to train them so they can earn a good rating.

Consider playing your keepers through each drill a couple of times. With this, you can simulate sessions and earn a good grade. Finally, ensure you have a development plan for your players and goalkeepers.

Development Plan: How it works

You have three development paths for goalkeepers that you can explore. These are Balanced, Sweeper Keeper, and Goalkeeper. A Balanced path is an all-round option offering your keepers development across all attributes.

Sweeper Keeper players a more modern role and the emphasis is on their capability to move the ball. It also has a focus on the weak foot, positioning, handling, and kicking. The Goalkeeper path focuses on traditional goalkeeping, where the bulk of the attention is on reflexes and diving.

Top Goalkeepers to Buy with FIFA Coins

So, now that you have an idea of how to maintain your goalkeeper after acquiring them with your FIFA coins, let us see the top goalkeepers you can buy.

Gianluigi Donnarumma: Italy

The Paris Saint-Germain club keeper is one of the most popular goalkeepers globally. He has achieved enormous feats, breaking through initially at AC Milan and making his big break into Paris Saint-Germain. His overall rating is 88 with a potential of 92. He is one of the best goalkeepers you can invest your FIFA coins on.

Alban Lafont: France 

With an overall rating of 80 and a potential for 85, Alban Lafont is a brilliant keeper you can invest in. He started at Toulouse and later moved on to Fiorentina in Serie A.

He currently plays with FC Nantes club. Lafont could play for any team in the top five leagues in FIFA Career Mode. He has great potential to become one of the best goalkeepers globally.

Diogo Costa: Portugal

Costa became a starting keeper at FC Porto at the last season, and in FIFA 23, he is rated as one of the top young goalkeepers in Career Mode. If you want a long-time shot-stopper, Dogo Costa is a top option. He has an overall rating of 79 and a potential for 86.

It is worth mentioning that Diogo Costa pulled up a significant 67 caps for the underage level in Portugal before moving to the senior squad.

Fifa Coins – Final Thought

Of course, these are not the only goalkeepers worth investing your FIFA coins on. Others you may want to consider are Gavin Bazunu, Kevin Mier, and Maarten Vandevoordt.

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