How to Complete FUT SBC to Earn FIFA 23 Coins

FIFa 23 coins

How to Complete FUT SBC to Earn FIFA 23 Coins

Players who complete the Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in FIFA 23 get to earn in-game rewards, such as FIFA 23 coins. You can play the game on the FIFA Web, Companion Apps, PC, or the console. The good news is it is easy to complete the challenges. You can start from the basics and level up as your skills increase.

How to Get Started with FUT SBC to FIFA 23 coins

SBCs allow players to build unique Squads with Player Items. Gamers can build a squad based on various Challenge prerequisites. You must complete the objectives and present the prerequisites to claim your rewards in FIFA 23 coins or points. Here are the steps on how to play the FUT SBC:

Step One: Click to open FIFA 23 main menu and enter FUT from the page.

Step Two: Select and input Squad Building Challenges while still on the Home tab.

Step Three: Choose the Challenge you would prefer to complete. Note that these challenges have been ground based on their categories.

Step Four: Carefully build your team with different players. You can use game Items from the transfer market or your Club to build a team that fulfills the requirements of the Challenge. The requirement comprises a combination of Player Quality, Nationalities, Leagues, Clubs, and Squad Rating and Chemistry.

Step Five: Enter the Challenge and complete the task. Next, submit your Squad to get the rewards in FIFA 23 coins. You should note that all Squad Building Challenges’ submissions are final. That means as soon as you complete an SBC, the submitted Items are removed permanently from your Club in exchange for the rewards.

It is worth mentioning that players have limited time to complete specific SBCs. We recommend you check the timeframe for the completion of your chosen challenge. You should also know that once a Challenge expires, it becomes impossible to submit a Squad even if you complete the task.

What More to Know about Squad Building Challenges

When playing SBCs, it is expedient to understand how each game works. You will find some SVCs with multiple Challenges and individual rewards while some have a bigger group reward for the completion of all challenges.

You can go for these SBCs or opt for the single Challenges. Also, you will come across repeatable SBCs, which give you only one reward in FIFA 23 coins irrespective of how many times you play the game.

Of course, you will have on opportunity to play some SBCs with different rewards every time you submit a Squad. Note that you can play SBCs on all editions of IFA 23. However, the rewards can vary from one platform to the other.


Every player should spend time completing the FUT SBCs objectives to earn more FIFA 23 coins. By completing these challenges, you earn more in-game rewards and you can use these to upgrade your team and game.


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