How to Earn More FIFA 23 Coins from FUT Champions

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How to Earn More FIFA 23 Coins from FUT Champions

Players can quickly climb to higher ranks in FUT Champions and earn exciting rewards, including cash prizes. Your dedication, experience, and performance will determine the rewards you earn. To increase your chances of earning more FIFA 23 coins in FUT Champions, understanding how the game work and knowing tips is important.

FUT Champions: What is it?

FUT Champions is one of the game modes of the FIFA Ultimate Team. It is a weekly tournament and rewards the best players with attractive prizes, including loads of FIFA 23 coins. Every player can compete daily to qualify for the weekly and monthly tournament qualifiers.

To qualify for a major world tournament, players must be very consistent with excellently-executive techniques to improve performance. The first step in playing FUT Champions is to register and qualify for the weekly competition.

Gamers must play the Ranking rounds in Division Rivals online and gain a minimum of 2,000 points to qualify for the Weekend League. There are no prerequisites to play Division Rivals, and you can play it daily to earn points and FIFA 23 coins.

Tips to Achieve Success in FUT Champions and Win FIFA 23 Coins

The first streak you must have as a player in FUT Champions is competitiveness. You must be exceptionally good and beat other players to earn more FIFA 23 coins and other rewards.

If you have the right gaming experience with excellent decision-making skills and speed, you will have a competitive advantage over other players. To increase your chances of winning and earning loads of FIFA 23 coins and points, here are some tips that will help.

  • Get your Team in Advance

Without a doubt, taking your time to build your team is important but you cannot thrive on indecision. It can cost you a lot because of the different dynamics of the variations within the transfer market.

Also, waiting till the weekend to secure your team means you will spend more because cards are more expensive during this period. Therefore, we recommend you acquire your squad for the Weekend League in advance.

  • Do not stick with a single Formation

It is best practice to have alternative formations and this is a secret every player must know. When you have multiple formations in mind, it becomes easy to change the way your team plays and break the sequences of your opponents. This gives you more opportunity to pressurize a tight defense and breakthrough.

  • Gun for 11 Wins

The goal of FUT Champions is to get the highest number of victories in the thirty matches. When you achieve a minimum of eleven victories, you earn 2,000 FUT Champions points and this qualifies you automatically for the next Weekend League. You also get more FIFA 23 coins in the process.


The FUT Champions game mode is an effective method of earning exclusive cards and more FIFA 23 coins. However, it requires lots of dedication and effort to win the required 11 matches to qualify and a chance to win exclusive prizes. With the right strategy and tips, you can beat the odds.

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