Buy Xbox Series X Games – Easter Eggs Found in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Buy Xbox Series X Games – Easter Eggs Found in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is a popular video game that takes players to the magical world of Harry Potter. It’s full of many wonders and secrets, and players are still making new discoveries even after so much time. Recently, some players have found one iconic Harry Potter character and location in the game. So, there is a lot of excitement among the fan community. This game should certainly be your top option when you buy Xbox Series X games. Let us talk about what the players have found.

Buy Xbox Series X Games – Kreacher the House Elf

In the first discovery, a player named Xunlu_Tingzhi found a portrait in the Hogwarts library. It looks like one of the people in the portrait is Sirius Black’s house elf, Kreacher.

The portrait shows an elf that looks uncannily like him, down to his grumpy demeanor. Although there is no proof if it’s really Kreacher or not, the resemblance is uncanny.

Kreacher is hundreds of years old, and it’s possible that he was alive during the time of Hogwarts Legacy. However, the game is non-canon, so it’s also possible that the portrait was just inspired by Kreacher. Either way, it’s a fun Easter egg for fans to discover.

Dementor Attack Location from Prisoner of Azkaban

In another key discovery, a Reddit user named IamWatchingAoT found a lake in the game. This looks like the lake where dementors attack Harry and Sirius in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The location is in the Forbidden Forest, and it’s just outside of Jackdaw’s Tomb. So, players should be able to locate it easily early in the game. The lake looks almost exactly like the one in the movie.

In fact, there’s even a deer that appears on the other side of the lake, just like Harry’s Patronus. It’s a fun little detail that fans will appreciate.

So Much More to Find Still

There are many wonders and secrets to discover in the game. These include references to characters and locations from the Harry Potter books and movies.

Players can explore the castle and its grounds, attend classes, learn spells, brew potions, and even duel with other wizards. The game lets players choose their own path and make their own choices.

So, it affects the story and the characters around them and could also affect what easter eggs they find.

Buy Xbox Series X Games – Find Your Own Easter Eggs

So, Hogwarts Legacy is a game that continues to wow fans with its magical world and hidden Easter eggs. Fans are always excited to find references in games, and this one seems to be nailing it so far.

We are not aware of what further additions the development team might bring to the game. So, if it is more easter eggs like these, then we will certainly be out looking for them again. After all, this is one of the key reasons why we buy Xbox Series X games from popular franchises.

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