Cheap Xbox Series S Games – Microsoft Makes Using Emulators Difficult

cheap xbox series s games

Cheap Xbox Series S Games – Microsoft Makes Using Emulators Difficult

Microsoft might be making it difficult to play games using emulators, and people are not happy. Emulation lets players enjoy classic games on their consoles, but many people feel that it is the same as piracy. However, many collectors and archivists need to use it to play older games. This is because consoles only have support for a few years before their makers release new options. So, short of playing cheap Xbox Series S games, emulators are by far the best option for most people.

Cheap Xbox Series S Games – The Policy Violation Message

Until now, Microsoft consoles have been a haven for this option. However, when you try to open emulators like Dolphin and RetroArch, you will now see a new message.

It says that the app you are using violates the Microsoft Store policy. So, many people took to social media to express their anger on the matter.

It is a massive blow to archivists and others who have looked to the Xbox platform as a saving grace. This is thanks to the many emulators that were available on it.

There is no official statement from Microsoft on the matter. However, some say that blocking emulators on Xbox consoles can be due to legal issues with Nintendo.

Reports say that Nintendo is one of the companies that Microsoft has made a 10-year CoD deal. It is important to note that emulation is not illegal.

However, people can still use it to play games that are still under copyright protection.

Emulators Still Running on Developer Mode

Apparently, those with access to the Xbox Series console’s Developer Mode are still able to run the emulators. However, they need a Microsoft Partner Center account to access Developer Mode.

So, they need to pay a $20 sign-up fee too. It is likely that Microsoft has added this extra step just to better control the situation. Microsoft Partner Center accounts are like legal business entities, and it could deter any would-be pirate from making one.

There’s a Lot at Stake for Microsoft

It seems like Microsoft is making a huge effort to avoid making any new waves in the industry. This is particularly in the wake of its purchase of Activision Blizzard. Microsoft has had a good relationship with Nintendo in recent years.

So, this is a stark contrast to its bitter rivalry with Sony. It is unclear why Microsoft has made this move to block emulators on its consoles.

However, the timing suggests the dispute between Sony and Microsoft over the acquisition of Activision Blizzard could be the reason.

Cheap Xbox Series S Games – Enjoy New Titles for Now

So, there is no denying the value of classic games that require emulators. However, if you find yourself unable to play your favorite games, then you can still look for other options. Cheap Xbox Series S games like Minecraft are just as classical and are a joy to play as well.

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