FIFA 23 Centurions and their Effects on FIFA Coins Xbox One Earnings

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FIFA 23 Centurions and their Effects on FIFA Coins Xbox One Earnings

The information is leaked, and we have a sneak peek into the FUT Centurions. The truth is this can be the start of the New Year in FIFA 23. The game world can look forward to a new FUT promo, right at the beginning of the New Year. What is this FUT 23 promo all about? FUT Centurions! With many World Cup promos about to hit the game wave, gamers can look forward to earning and spending more FIFA coins Xbox One on games.

What are FUT Centurions?

Do the Centurions ring a bell? Well, let’s take a step back into history and travel to ancient Rome. Centurion referred to an army officer who led a hundred soldiers. Now, that is a fine leader if you ask.

Bringing this to FIFA 23, you can probably guess what the FUT Centurions concept is all about. The truth is this is not strange considering the FUT Captains’ promo of last year. For a start, the FUT Centurions is a new promo concept and was never added in previous FIFA seasons.

That means all details available for now are sketchy with nothing concrete. They are all from leaks, and when the official statement comes from EA Sports, more details will be available to the public.

Highlights of FIFA 23 Centurions Release

The new Centurions promo fits perfectly into the scheme of things, especially when you consider the upcoming events in FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports has announced the Team of the Tournament for World Cup and this will be followed by the Winter Wildcards.

Although the Team of the Tournament will be available only from December 16-23, the Winter Wildcards will be available until December 30. Following this, the FUT Centurions should launch.

It is expected that this would be live from January 6-13, 2023. It is worth mentioning that it is yet to be confirmed if the FUT Headliners will be available in FIFA 23. With the FIFA 23 Centurions launch, gamers can look forward to earning more FIFA coins Xbox One.

How FIFA 23 Centurions will Impact FIFA Coins Xbox One Earnings

As you already know, players are critical of FIFA coins Xbox One earnings in the game. From the name, it is safe to assume that “100” will play a role in the collection. It may be that it will include only players with 100 caps.

It may also pay tribute to the superstars about to retire from international football following the World Cup, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Thomas Muller, and Luka Modric. Whatever the twist in this promo, it will certainly affect gamers’ FIFA coins Xbox One earning potential for good.

FIFA coins Xbox One – Conclusion

As fans earnestly wait for more information about the FIFA 23 Centurions, we can only wait until EA Sports provides more information. Whatever it is, it certainly will be good news and more opportunities to earn FIFA coins Xbox One.

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