A Guide to Sniping to make FIFA Coins Xbox in FUT 23

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A Guide to Sniping to make FIFA Coins Xbox in FUT 23

Are you interested in adding a star player to your squad or want to make some FIFA coins Xbox from the transfer market? Sniping is a great tool to use to achieve your goal. Gamers are not always lucky to pack the best defenders and strikers this makes the transfer market the only destination to get these players.

When shopping for players on the market, you will see them listed according to their value. However, you can get some great bargains and save on coins. This is what sniping is all about.

What is Sniping?

This is a technique of snatching players from the transfer market quickly for less than their actual value. Speed is of the essence when sniping because you will be competing with many players looking to do the same.

You must be able to snipe your desired player within seconds after they go live, and that requires skills. You may wonder – why do gamers sell valuable players at lesser prices. The answer is simple.

Many gamers lack market understanding and some just want to sell off their players quickly. Therefore, they list them as lesser than their worth. Snipers must be ready to capitalize on these mistakes to make more FIFA coins Xbox.

How to Snipe to make FIFA Coins Xbox in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

The first step is to type the desired player’s name in the search box and check for the average market value. With an understanding of the average market value of your desired player, adjust the “Buy Now” slider to slightly lesser than the market value.

Now, start hitting the search button until you get a listing. Quickly browse through the listing and buy at the cheapest price before someone else snag it up. Repeat the process if you want more players.

Ensure you refresh the search page after each purchase to have the latest listing for your next search. It is worth mentioning that you can snipe in-game or on the Web App.

We recommend that you choose the platform that is easiest for you because you must complete the process in minutes. The values at the transfer market are constantly changing and this affects the increase and reduction in prices fast.

How to make FIFA Coins Xbox in FUT 23

Gamers use sniping primarily to get players they would like to use in their lineups for the cheapest price. However, some others use it to make FIFA coins Xbox.

There is no rule against this, and if you have a good amount of coins to use, you can buy many players for less than their market value.

You can then list them on the market to make a profit. If you can predict the shifts in the transfer market accurately, you will make lots of profits from sniping.


Patience and speed are critical for sniping successfully. You may not get the players you want at your desired prices immediately. It may require multiple refreshes before a card appears. When it finally appears, you must be fast enough to snipe it and beat other players to it.

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