How to Avoid FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One Wipe When Trading Players

FIFA 23 coins xbox one

How to Avoid FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One Wipe When Trading Players

While FIFA 23 has many new exciting features, FIFA 22 offers players an advantage when it comes to earning FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One. For a start, gamers have Early Access, which gave them about ten hours of game time.

They also had an opportunity to earn coins through Squad Battles and Divisions. Although the coins were not enough to do everything, they were still decent enough for Transfer Market transactions. FIFA 23 is a different ball game entirely.

EA Sports did not release Early Access and Web App simultaneously, and the web app became the only source to make FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One. Also, the new game version lets you trade players without making coins through the game.

With this and other dynamics of the game, gamers are more susceptible to getting a coin wipe in FIFA 2023. So, how can you avoid this while staying safe in FUT 23?

Top Safety Tips for FUT Trading 

One quick method of getting FIFA 23 Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team is by trading cards on the transfer market. However, the game developer has put some strict rules in place to prevent you from meaningful trading.

For instance, you can receive a warning email from EA Sports if you try to trade players on the market when you have below the minimum coin average. The company can also ban you or lock you out of the market. That means sniping for low-priced player cards can be risky.

By the way, sniping means searching for player cards at a particular price point often lower than the market values. The goal is to find cheaper-priced cards with high resale value. To avoid getting FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One wiped or banned, you should avoid suspicious transactions. Here are some actions that can get you coin-wiped and banned:

  • Winning or packing on an open bid
  • Trading high-rating cards without adequate FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One
  • Selling coins on the FUT market
  • Bidding on 82+ rated player cards in the open market

How to Acquire More Coins without a Coin Wipe

The best bet is to avoid any shady activities through your gaming account. When buying FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One, we recommend you stick with a reputable website like This ensures safe transactions without a possibility of a ban or coin wipe.

You can also acquire more coins through match earnings. Match earnings refer to coins you earn through playing the Ultimate Team mode matches. For instance, you can earn between 500 – 1000 FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One per match when playing Division Rivals or Squad Battles.

You also get FUT Packs as you level up and gain XP. The packs can contain players or FIFA coins, which you can use in your game. You can also complete SBCs to earn more coins.


You can legally earn FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One through different activities and not get banned. However, the coins you earn may not be enough for what you need them for. That is where buying coins comes in. We recommend you stick with a reputable website when shopping for FIFA coins.


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