FIFA 23 Coins PS4: How FUT 23 Rivals Rewards Work

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FIFA 23 Coins PS4: How FUT 23 Rivals Rewards Work

Division Rivals come with numerous reward options. Division Rivals is the primary online mode of the FIFA Ultimate Team. It offers gamers an opportunity to earn rewards, new player packs, and FIFA 23 coins PS4. What are the rewards and how do they work? Learn all you can in this post.

FIFA 23 Coins PS4: How do the Division Rivals Rewards Work?

The rewards are determined by the specific division you attained by the cutoff time on Thursday. They are also determined by the number of wins you achieved during the week. Based on your wins, EA determines if you should receive the Base Rewards or Upgraded Rewards.

To get a Base Reward, you must achieve for wins, and to get Upgraded Rewards, you need eight wins. However, it becomes more complex as you achieve more milestones.

After the FUT season, each participating player gets additional rewards through the Milestone Rewards. These are determined by the number of Division Rivals matches you played during the season.

Highlights of the Milestone Rewards

Your first Milestone requires 20 matches and the second milestone requires 50 matches. You need to complete 90 matches to attain the third milestone. Every Thursday, players have the opportunity to choose between three rewards. You must understand that some FUT 23 rewards are more valuable than others, and some of the items are tradeable.

Highlights of Division Levels and the Rewards

Gamers play their matches down from Division 10 to the Elite Division. Division 10 is the least of the levels and to qualify for this level, you need 50 Champions Qualification Points and must remain in Division 10 all through the Season Restart.

Finishing on this level gives you three options for rewards. The first option is 1 Gold Pack and 1 Small Mixed Players Pack, which are tradeable. The second option is 2 Gold Pack and 2 Small Mixed Players Packs, which are untradeable.

The Third option includes 2,000 FIFA 23 coins PS4, 1 Gold Pack, and 1 Small Mixed Players Pack, which are untradeable. Players continue ranking in the Division until they get to Division 1 and then Elite Division.

As you rank on the leaderboard, your rewards increase. For instance, Division 1 must achieve Champions Qualification Points and relegate to Division 3. The base reward has three options.

The first includes tradeable 1 Rare Gold Pack, 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack, untradeable 2 Rare Gold Packs, and 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Players Packs. The third option includes 17,500 FIFA 23 coins PS4, 1 Rare Gold Pack, and 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack, which are untradeable.


Your level on Division Rivals determines your rewards. The good thing is that you can start at the lowest level and gradually climb the ladder before the end of the season. If you put your mind to it and develop skills along the way, you will earn more rewards, including FIFA 23 coins PS4.

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