Top FUT Games Modes to Play to Earn More FIFA Coins

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Top FUT Games Modes to Play to Earn More FIFA Coins

Each year EA Sports add new game modes to FUT, offering new ways to compete, progress, and earn FIFA coins. FIFA 23 offers FUT players the widest playing options so far in the history of the game. Whether you are playing the relatively old box or the new-gen gaming console, you can explore different FUT game modes and boost your earnings.

Let us mention that if you are playing Nintendo Switch, FUT has limited game modes you can explore. For instance, popular game modes like FUT Rivals and Champions are unavailable in this gaming box. Having said that, let us look at the different game modes you can play to earn FIFA coins in FIFA 23.

Play Squad Battles to Earn FIFA Coins

Squad Battles is a single-player FUT game mode where the gamer contends with other squads from the community to move up the leaderboards and earn rewards. EA Sports releases a new campaign each week, which includes up to forty-two matches. This FUT game mode is perfect for gamers who love playing against AI.

FUT Champions: The Best Head-to-Head Competition

If you are looking for an exhilarating competition experience in FIFA Ultimate Team, FUT Champions is the perfect game mode to consider. It is by far the most popular game mode in FUT and also has the best rewards, including FIFA coins. Players who achieve the qualification for the competition can measure their skills in the Play-Offs and the Finals.

Division Rivals: FUT Seasonal Competition 

Division Rivals is a skill-driven online seasonal competition. It features a rank system where gamers can play in Co-Op or Solo. Each season lasts the duration of the FUT Season, which is about six weeks.

Winners of matches climb the leaderboard and increase their Rank and Division. With this, they can challenge others for better rewards. If you plan to play the FUT Champions, you must qualify through this game mode.

Friendlies: Fun and Relaxed FIFA Games

If you want to take things easy and play for fun and relaxation, the Friendlies game mode is the perfect choice for you. Gamers can select from a range of House Rules to go head-to-head against the AI or friends locally or online. You can also play with co-op opponents online or play solo. You have ten Friendlies types to explore in FIFA 23. These include Classic Match, Mystery Ball, King of Hill, Swaps, Max Chemistry, Survival, Headers & Volley, No Rules, Long Range, and Live FUT Friendlies.

Squad Building Challenges

You can also earn plenty of FIFA coins playing SBCs. For this game mode, you get invited to test your building skills by building Squads that match pre-set prerequisites. When you meet these prerequisites, you exchange your squad for exciting rewards.

FIFA Coins – Final Thought

These are some of the popular game modes available in FUT 23. Others include Objectives, FUT Draft, and FUT Moments. All these game modes can deliver FIFA coins into your wallet if you put effort into them.

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