Top Tips to Earn FIFA Coins PS4 from Rewards

FIFA coins PS4

Top Tips to Earn FIFA Coins PS4 from Rewards

Do you have a couple of hours for trading weekly? Do you want remarkably fast returns on your investment? Then, you should consider flipping game items during reward and lightning rounds. It is as basic as it comes.

All you have to do is buy items with your FIFA coins PS4 when they are cheap and sell them when the price increases. With this, you earn more coins.

What to know about the Rewards and Lightning Rounds

EA Sports releases Division Rivals rewards every Thursday morning by 7:05 UTC. It also releases the Squad Battles rewards at 8:00 UTC every Sunday. Active players often open their reward packs immediately after the release to list their items on the market to earn FIFA coins PS4.

This creates an extra supply of different items, including meta players and SBC fodder. Also, there is an increase in supply during Lightning Rounds when EA sells high-rated value packs for FIFA Points in its store. This is mostly done during game promotions.

For instance, you will find Lightning Rounds on special occasions, such as Black Friday, with several items. These may include Rare Player Packs (which are worth 1000 FIFA Points), Ultimate Packs (worth 2500 FIFA Points), and Jumbo Rare Player Packs (worth 2000 FP). These Lightning Rounds take place at different times.

How to Get the Best Price Action during Rewards and Lightning Rounds

There are two ways you can get the best price action and make lots of FIFA coins PS4 during these events. First, you can mop up the cards at lower prices, and second, you can bid on them. Ensure you identify players you want to target for the trading and note their market price ahead of time.

Immediately the Lightning Rounds or rewards hit, search for the player at the lowest prices and buy as many as find. Now, wait for some hours for other players to mop up the remaining supply. The price will recover after that, and you can sell them for higher prices to earn FIFA coins PS4.

Mass Bidding: An Effective Way to Acquire More Assets in FIFA 23

You can make more profitable investments with mass bidding. How does this work? Wait for about one hour after the drop of the Lightning Rounds or rewards and look up the listing for your preferred player. You can bid low prices on expensive cards and wait patiently.

With the high volume of cards being processed, some of your bids can slip through without being challenged. You can win auctions for dozens of Squad Building Challenge fodder cards during busy periods for thousands of FIFA coins PS4 less than the standard price.


There are many dynamics to acquiring FIFA coins PS4 when trading. Knowing these dynamics can significantly improve your earnings and gameplay. However, you can take the shortcut and get a large volume of coins by simply shopping for them online. This is a reputable website offering FIFA coins PS4 at affordable prices for your gaming adventures.

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