Top 2 FIFA 23 Teams to Invest FIFA Coins PS5 On

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Top 2 FIFA 23 Teams to Invest FIFA Coins PS5 On

With over 19,000 players and over 700 teams, online competitive play offers gamers several options. With these stats, you can have a good insight into the weaknesses and strengths of each team and know how to invest your FIFA coins PS5.

While there are many teams and players, some outperform others. Therefore, when choosing a team to build your squad from, it is essential to pay attention to a combination of factors.

The players, their depth, and their stats are crucial to your success in any match. FIFA 23 rates teams based on Attacking, Midfield, and Defending. The average rating provides an overall score.

You must know the teams that outperform others in these three stats. With this, you can gain more control over your players’ play style and confidence.

Top FIFA 23 Teams in Online Competitive Play to Invest FIFA Coins PS5

So, which team has the best stats? Which teams outperform others? Which are worth investing your FIFA coins PS5 on while playing competitive online games? Let us check them out.

Best Team to Invest FIFA Coins PS5: Manchester City

The best overall team in online competitive play you can invest FIFA Coins PS5 on is Manchester City. This team has an excellent midfield and defensive line. Its striker up-front is also impeccable, giving an air of the best team in the game.

However, you must understand that the stats are not the only thing that gives a competitive edge. There is the squad depth. This enables each gamer to choose their preferred Manchester City tactics and formations without losing the best players.

With the availability of squad depth, Manchester City is one of the best picks you can invest your FIFA coins PS5 on while playing an online competitive game. Players you may want to consider adding to your squad include Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, and Joao Cancelo. These three are some of the best strikers, midfielders, and left-backs respectively.

#2 Best Team for Online Competitive Play: Real Madrid

Currently the European champion in real-life gaming, Real Madrid holds exceptionally high stats across the pitch. Although the team’s starting lineup is aging with a mean age of 29 years, players in the team have proven to be world-class soccer talents.

The team has the second-highest overall rating in stats. By the way, it is only reduced to the second-best because of the dip in the ratings between its starting lineup and other squad players.

Top players in Real Madrid you may want to invest your FIFA coins PS5 on include Karim Benzema, Balon D’or, Vinicius Jr. Modic, Kroos, and Rudiger.

Bonus: Invest in Players from PSG

As a bonus point, PSG is another great team you may want to invest your coins in. The team boasts some of the best-attacking stats with one of the biggest explosive front liners in soccer. PSG also has exceptional midfield and defense.

You cannot fall short of top-range talent when you select PSG with Mbappe, Messi, and Neymar. You are sure to create the most dangerous and effective attacking lineups.

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