FIFA Coins PlayStation – Master Power Shot Cancel in FIFA 23

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FIFA Coins PlayStation – Master Power Shot Cancel in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 requires skills and some tricks under your sleeves. Learning these skills and tricks will significantly boost your performance. One of the most effective methods of deceiving your opponents and clearing space for a smooth shot is the power shot cancel.

You already know that with a better shot, you have a better chance of improving your performance in FIFA 23. With improved performance, the chance of earning more FIFA coins PlayStation is increased. So, how do you gain mastery of power shoot cancel in FIFA 23?

How to do Power Shot Cancel to earn FIFA Coins PlayStation

Step 1: Hold down R1/RB and L1/RB.

Step 2: Press O/B at the same time to trigger the power shot.

Step 3: Press R2/RT and L2/LT before your player hit the shot. This will interrupt the animation, and you smoothly cancel the power shot.

Canceling the animation this way is very powerful because your opposition already saw that you lined up the power shot. Their goal would be to stop it. However, it will take them by surprise when you start dribbling around them instead of taking the shot.

Since they are disoriented, you can leverage their confusion to send home the ball and score a goal. Winning a goal surely adds to your FIFA coins PlayStation earnings.

Of course, the power shot cancel is not the singular feature to help you achieve a goal in FUT. Other methods can manually get your players to get into the run in FUT 23.

How to Skill Move Cancel in FUT 23 to earn FIFA Coins PlayStation

Many tricks can significantly improve your performance, goals, and FIFA coins PlayStation earnings. One such trick is mastering the skill move cancel in FUT 23. Canceling skill moves is an effective way to beat your opponent’s defenders in a one-on-one situation. Here are the steps to achieve this.

Step 1: Carry out any skill move in the match.

Step 2: Press R2/RT and L2/LT while the skill move animation is still active. This will interrupt the animation and stop the skill move halfway through. With this, you can catch your opponent by surprise as they attempt to defend your original skill move.

As you learn to cancel power shots and skill moves, you will discover new and better chances to score goals. Scoring more goals helps you to achieve your aims, and you can earn more FIFA coins PlayStation from the rewards.


Canceling skill moves and power shots is one of the easiest methods of winning games, and many professional FIFA players use it in tournaments. We recommend you practice these skills regularly to gain mastery. With time, you will become a professional in using the skills for optimal performances in your game.

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