FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One – Earn More with FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups SBC

FIFA 23 coins xbox one

FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One – Earn More with FIFA 23 Marquee Matchups SBC

FIFA 23 will continue to offer weekly Marquee Matchups SBCs. It is undoubtedly an important unit in Ultimate Team. So, each Thursday, you can look forward to an updated SBC with the hottest matches for the coming weekend. To increase your FIFA 23 coins Xbox One earnings, you must understand how to complete the challenges without spending a fortune.

Irrespective of whether you are playing or training in FIFA 23, regularly play and complete the Marquee Matchups SBC. This will help you make additional coins.

Highlights of the Marquee Matchups Squad Building Challenges

Every Thursday, EA Sports releases a new Marquee Matchups Challenge, and it runs for a week before another is released. While the challenge is ongoing, you can purchase all missing cards.

You can also save up on FIFA 23 coins Xbox One and collect more rewards. The highlights of the teams available for the SBC and their details are enumerated as follows:

  • Team Croatia vs. Brazil: The price range is between 3.4K and 3.7K, and the reward is a Premium Gold Pack.
  • Team Netherlands vs. Argentina: The price range is between 3.6K and 3.8K, and the reward is a Mixed Players Pack.
  • Team Morocco vs. Portugal: The price range is 4.8K and 5K with a Premium Mixed Players Pack reward.
  • Team England vs. France: The price ranges from 6.3K to 7.1K, and the reward is a Prime Electrum Players Pack.
  • Completed Challenge: This has a price range of 18K to 20K. The reward for it is a Premium Gold Players Pack.

Participating in the weekly Marquee Matchup SBC is a great way to become proficient in FUT Trading in FIFA 23. You only need a few FIFA 23 coins Xbox One to get packs with remarkable value.

However, you should know that the SBC of this edition is harder to complete compared to last year. Therefore, you may want to save some coins before competing in the Marquee Matchups.

Is Playing the Marquee Matchups SBC to earn more FIFA 23 Coins Xbox One Worth It?

It is a fact. The Marquee Matchups SBC will always be worth the effort and the few FIFA 23 coins Xbox One you put into it. The challenge is worth it because you earn some coins in return. Therefore, if you play FIFA F2P without completing this weekly challenge, you do yourself a great disservice.


While the packs may not be as valuable as gamers expect, playing the weekly Marquee Matchups still holds its benefits. Apart from earning extra FIFA 23 coins Xbox One, you also gain skills to complete other challenges.

Attempting and completing different game modes and events will significantly improve your gaming skills, and you can aim for more rewarding tournaments in the future.

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