5 Tips to Rock FIFA Career Mode and Earn FIFA Coins PS5

FIFA coins PS5

5 Tips to Rock FIFA Career Mode and Earn FIFA Coins PS5

FIFA Career Mode is undoubtedly competitive with a new match simulation system. It also features more detailed training to enable players to choose training days and many other improvements. While the changes are exciting, the sheer volume of them can make it difficult to know the best strategy to achieve success in the championship and get more FIFA coins PS5.

To help you leverage your competitive advantage, this post shares the best five tips and tricks to rock FIFA Career Mode and earn FIFA coins PS5. Let’s get right into the details!

Sell off Players you will not Use

Your first assignment in FIFA career mode is to select a team to train with. However, you will find some players in your squad that may not be useful for your current play style.

The best thing is to add all players you are not using to the transfer list to prevent your team from carrying useless athletes. You can then trade them with other players or list them on the transfer market to earn FIFA coins PS5.

Choose Young and Promising Players

Like in real football, players over 30 underperform compared to those in their early careers. Older players also lose their feature points quicker, which makes them lose value in the market.

Therefore, prioritize choosing younger players with high growth potential. You are sure to find young players with the best potential from the transfer market at the lowest prices. With this, you save some FIFA coins PS5 while improving your team.

Do not Ditch Experienced Players all together

Although the previous tip stated you should choose young and promising players, it does not mean ditching experience players altogether. It may be a smart decision to include more experienced players with consistency in your team.

Some players, despite being over 30 years old, still have excellent skills and precision in delivering their bits on the field. Such players include midfielder Toni Kroos and Uruguayan Luis Suarez.

Focus on the Objectives

Playing the role of a coach gives you different objectives your players must achieve each season. Bigger teams have the goal to strengthen the base and win the championships, while smaller teams will have lesser ambitions.

Their objectives may be to recover the team financially, avoid relegation, or strengthen the club. Therefore, focus on the objectives and fulfill most of them in the season. Failure to do so may get you fired. You can check the Objectives by going to “Office” and then “Objectives.”

Test New Formations and Tactics

Do not get stuck to a sing game instruction and formation. While this puts you in a comfort zone, it can work against you in the long run. That is because as the roster changes, your old formation and tactics may not work as you would expect. Therefore, explore and test the water for better performance.


Playing FIFA career mode is exciting but it is not for all players. You need logical reasoning, patience, and intelligence to negotiate and attain the best results within your defined objectives. However, achieving the objectives will earn you rewards, including FIFA coins PS5.

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