Earn FIFA Coins PlayStation – When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT Market

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Earn FIFA Coins PlayStation – When to Buy and Sell Players in FUT Market

Do you want to make some FIFA coins PlayStation? One way to earn coins is to buy and sell players in the FUT market. It is crucial to know the best time to buy and sell players in the transfer market to maximize your profit.

Of course, chances have a lot to do with your performance in FIFA Ultimate Team but you can increase your chance of making a profit when you have the right strategy. This post provides tips for buying and selling players to earn FIFA coins PlayStation to maximize your gaming experience.

When to Buy and Sell Players in FIFA 23 FUT                     

First, you must understand that a large percentage of your success on the FIFA 23 Transfer Market depends on chance. You have little control over the caliber of players you pull from packs.

You also cannot influence the price you will get when you decide to sell them. However, you can follow some standard practices to help you leverage your FIFA coins PlayStation.

So, When Should You Buy Players in FUT Market?

The best time to purchase players in the FUT market is late on Sunday evenings or very early morning on Mondays. The reason for this is simple. It follows the FUT Champions competition over the weekend and many players would want to sell their squad to earn more FIFA coins PlayStation.

Also, the periods coincide with Squad Battles rewards, which means the Transfer Market will have plenty of players for sale and this will drive the prices down. We recommend you browse the Transfer Market late on Sunday night when there will be fewer people playing.

You will also have lesser competition bidding for sought-after cards. During this period, you can get some big names and integrate them into your lineup or trade them for profit in the week.

When to Sell Players in the FUT Market

The perfect time to sell players in the FUT market is from Thursday evening to Friday morning. However, you must note that the Division Rivals’ rewards are distributed on Thursday mornings, and this can affect the prices on the transfer market.

Nonetheless, players want to enhance their team before the FUT Champions competition on the weekend. Therefore, the prices will increase. We recommend you look out for the latest SBCs or Squad Building Challenges running at the time.

That is because some promotions and players command a premium if needed to complete particular sets. It is sometimes better to hold on to some players until the right time if you want to make a profit.


Finally, pay attention to the real-world performances of players to increase your chances of getting FIFA coins PlayStation. For instance, a player who scores a hat trick on a Sunday afternoon during the Premier League can lead to a price increase.

Also, watch out for third-party sites that track players’ value over time. You should check these platforms before you sell and ensure you never sell your cards below the market value.

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