How to Get FIFA 23 Rewards in FIFA Coins PS5

FIFA coins PS5

How to Get FIFA 23 Rewards in FIFA Coins PS5

There are several ways to get rewards in FIFA coins PS5 in FIFA 23. Whether you are playing the Ultimate or standard edition, you can significantly increase your earning opportunities in the game. So, what can you do to earn rewards and acquire more coins?

Leverage the FIFA 23 Pre-Season Promo to Earn FIFA Coins PS5

Leveraging FIFA 23 pre-season promo can boost your FIFA coins PS5 wallet. You can complete different tasks to earn more. There are Friendlies, SBCs, and Objectives to complete, and the best part is these tasks are very easy to complete.

SBCs challenges are time-bound, and the prerequisite for completing them is primarily to have a complete squad starting 11, a complete bronze team, and roundabout 30 chemistry. Meeting these requirements earns you an 84-player pack.

You can complete these challenges for free and earn FIFA 23 rewards in FIFA coins PS5. When it comes to Friendlies, there are two game modes you can explore. Each has different objectives you must complete.

One has unlimited games but requires you to complete specific objectives where you play or score goals with specific players. The other requires you to play ten games daily and you must complete as many as possible to earn the rewards.

Transfer Your FIFA 22 Points to FIFA 23

You can start FIFA 23 on good footing with your FIFA 22 Points. EA Sports allows players to transfer their FIFA Points from the previous edition to this new edition. As soon as you log in to the FUT for the first time, you will receive a message showing how many unspent FIFA Points you have in the previous FUT.

You can transfer them by clicking “Yes” when prompted. You can use these points in-game to improve your gaming experiences.

Follow EA Pattern and Invest to Earn FIFA Coins PS5

If you have played previous editions of FIFA games, take a moment and look back to see the standard pattern. Each year, EA Sports use the same pattern because it rakes in the money. While there may be a few variations, the process is almost the same.

Therefore, you do not have to fret about playing FIFA 23 if you are familiar with the previous versions. When it comes to earning more, the best tip that worked for previous editions will work for this edition – invest in special cards.

From OTW and TOTW to any other special card, try to invest in them because they can earn you a fortune later on. These cards are listed for 10k-20k in gold, bronze, and silver forms and are worth buying.


Finally, follow the news to get the latest information on how to earn more FIFA 23. You will find lots of information and news on There are also various communities on Discord that you can follow to get updated news on the latest techniques to earn FIFA coins PS5.

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