FIFA Coins: A Guide to Using FUT Coins

FIFA coins

FIFA Coins: A Guide to Using FUT Coins

FIFA coins are the virtual currency used for trading FUT items or buying packs in the Store at the Transfer Market. Players can use it to purchase some game modes, including FUT Draft.

There are numerous things you can do with your FIFA coins, and the aim is to improve your gaming experience. This post looks at highlights of important facts about the FUT Coins and how you can use them.

What are the FIFA Coins Used For?

As mentioned, a FIFA coin is an in-game currency used for buying individual player cards on the market. It is also used for buying packs from the store or getting items for your FUT squad. The concept of FIFA FUT is created around earning coins.

The coins let you acquire the best players as you progress in your game. With the best players, you can build a strong team and play for a long time in the FUT. Having extra coins in your account also offers you the opportunity to buy any player you want.

Also, you need to exchange item cards and/or open packs in the Transfer Market to boost your club in the FUT game. To do this, you must have adequate FIFA coins for the transaction. Usually, the more coins you have, the higher the number of packs and products you can buy. It is crucial to mention that you cannot carry over your coins to the next FIFA version. The only thing is you will receive a reward for earlier achievements in your games.

How to Earn?

There are different ways you can acquire FIFA coins. It is best to research the different options before deciding on the best option for you. Of course, you can explore more than one method of acquiring FIFA coins. Here are the popular ways players earn these coins:

  • Playing FUT matches
  • Getting Coins as gifts or rewards
  • Trading items on the Transfer Market
  • Selling items using the Quick Sell Option

It is worth mentioning that EA frowns at players buying or transferring coins from one account to the other. Therefore, you must exercise caution when trading coins. You must also choose the right platform to buy so you can have a seamless transaction without any telltale signs left behind.

Where can you find your FIFA Coins Status?

Look at the top screen of your FUT game and locate your Club name. You will also see the coin amount you have, including your FUT record, FIFA coins status, and FIFA points.

We recommend you keep an eye on the number of coins you have left and buy a new set when it depletes. With this, you are sure to constantly have an adequate supply of coins for your gaming activities.


FIFA coins make your gaming more adventurous. It gives you the leverage to acquire as many assets as you need to survive FUT. When shopping for coins, we recommend you use a reputable platform with the best deals. This ensures smooth and fast transactions.

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