FIFA Coins PS5: Best FIFA 23 Players who are 35 or Older

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FIFA Coins PS5: Best FIFA 23 Players who are 35 or Older

No one, including football players, grows younger. The good news is being older does not mean being slack or shabby. FIFA 23 is a testament to some exceptional players who have become legends. While many gamers focus primarily on young players, the truth is many veterans have more to offer. For most of these players, FIFA 23 may be the last game they will feature as they get close to retirement. If you are wondering about the best FIFA 23 players to put your FIFA coins PS5 on, it may be a good idea to explore some older players.

Older Players worth Investing FIFA Coins PS5 on

Here are some of the best players who are at least 35 years you can invest your FIFA coins PS5 coins. Note that these are active players only and not FUT Heroes and Icons in FUT.

#1: Buy Lionel Messi with FIFA Coins PS5

First on the list of the best players over 35 years old in FIFA 23 is the seven times Balon D’or winner. The Argentina and Barcelona football legend is the most talented player. He brought unmatchable success to his team with 39 trophies, 47 personal honors, and 808 career goals.

He made a new global record in 2012 for the most scored goals within a year, with 91 goals. Lionel Messi plays for Paris Saint-Germain in FIFA 23 and is worth investing your FIFA coins PS5 on.

#2: Cristiano Ronaldo

Second on the list of the older players is the man of the moment, Cristiano Ronaldo. His success in the 2022 World Cup has raised the bar for this 37-year-old player. The Portuguese international player has consistently broken records with an all-time high of 700 career goals, and 32 trophies.

He is rated 90 on FIFA 23 with a 5-star skill and 4-star weak foot. He remains an incredible player in FIFA. Buying him will be worth your FIFA coins PS5.

#3: Manuel Neuer

In his 18-year career in football, Manuel Neuer has made over 800 appearances on the pitch and earned 31 trophies and 53 individual honors. His sweeper-keeper style, shot-stopping prowess, and play-making ability make him a true legend in the global scene. Neuer is the joint highest-rated goalkeeper in football and worth investing your coins on.

#4: Luka Modric

The Real Madrid legend and former Balon D’or winner, Luka Modric made it to the list of the best older players worth spending your FIFA coins PS5 on in FIFA 23.

Spanning over 20 years of his football career, the Croatian player has made over 900 career appearances with 27 trophies and outstanding 77 personal awards. He is an exceptional playmaker with incredible dribbling. You will be glad you invest in this player.

Final Thoughts

Older players also make waves in FIFA 23. Although they are older, they do not come cheap because they are veterans with experience and pedigree under their belts. If you are wondering about the best older players to invest your FIFA coins PS5 in, these are the players to consider.

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