FIFA Coins PS5 – Can You Share FIFA 23 for Coins?

FIFA coins PS5

FIFA Coins PS5 – Can You Share FIFA 23 for Coins?

So, almost all your friends have FIFA 23 and you are yet to get a hand on yours. If the issue is the budget, then you should consider using the new FIFA 23 SharePlay feature. What does this mean? How does it work? Will you earn FIFA coins PS5 if you use this feature? Let’s get right into answering all your questions! The SharePlay feature allows gamers to combine resources with a friend to buy FIFA 23. With this, you can get the game for half the price. After buying the game, the next step is to share it. It is worth mentioning that you can use this feature across platforms.

How to Share FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5 and Earn More FIFA coins PS5

When you combine resources to buy FIFA 23 with a friend, one of you has to buy the game and share it with the other. Note that you must buy the game from the online store because a physical copy would not work. So, let us say your friend bought the game; here are the steps to share it with you and earn more FIFA coins PS5 from your games.

  • Log in to your friend’s account with his details.
  • Ensure “Console Sharing” is activated on the account.
  • Go to the library to access the download.
  • Locate FIFA 23 and download it. When the download is complete, switch to your account, and you can start playing FIFA 23 with your friends to earn more FIFA coins PS5.

How to Share FIFA 23 on PlayStation 4

The process is similar to PS5. However, it has some differences because of the configuration of both consoles. Here is how to share FIFA 23 on PS4.

  • Go to your account and long-press on the PS button. Go to “Change User”.
  • Click on “New User” and then “Create a User”. You must have collected your friend’s FIFA account details by now. Use the account details to log in.
  • Navigate to your account and click on “Settings”. From there, go to “Account Management” and click on “Activate as your Primary PS4”. Next, click on the “Deactivate” button if it is not deactivated already.
  • Return to your friend’s account and navigate to “Settings” and then “Account Management”. Now, go to “Activate as your Primary PS4” and click “Activate”.
  • Navigate to your friend’s library on his account to see all the games your friend bought. You will see these under “Purchased”. Click on FIFA 23 and download it. You can switch back to your account once it is downloaded

Final Thought

The SharePlay feature in FIFA 23 is a great development as it offers more gamers the opportunity to access the game. While we focused mainly on PS4 and PS5 in this post, this feature also works on Xbox One.

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