FIFA Coins PS5 – FIFA 23 Division Rivals Rewards

FIFA coins PS5

FIFA Coins PS5 – FIFA 23 Division Rivals Rewards

EA Sports releases new FIFA 23 Division Rivals rewards in FIFA Ultimate Team every week, which you can trade for FIFA coins PS5. The rewards are for players who played and won some games. You cannot avoid Division Rivals if you want to qualify for the FIFA 23 Weekend League.

You may want to check out these games if you already completed the FUT Champions matches. The good news is you can play the games anytime, and they are a little lax compared to the Weekend League.

What to know about FIFA 23 Division Rivals

Players in Division Rivals can work their way up from Division 10 to Division 1. From there, they can enter the Elite Division if they have the required skills. Each Division has a progress system with different steps. The higher the division you are in, the more steps you have to complete.

Getting to the next step requires winning a match. You return to a step lower when you lose and remain in the same step if you play draw. It is worth mentioning that some of these steps work as checkpoints. Reaching the steps means you cannot go back to earlier steps, irrespective of whether you win or lose.

When you win a match after reaching the last division step, you get promoted to the next level. Players who win three matches in a row will get an x2 multiplier. The multiplier automatically activates, and if you win the next match, you go two steps further. You will forfeit the multiplier if you draw or lose another match.

Highlights of Division Rivals Rewards and FIFA Coins PS5

There are two types of rewards in Division Rivals. One comes out weekly, and the second is released after each FUT season. The weekly rewards also have two reward tiers players can earn. You can earn the first reward if you win three matches during a Rivals competition.

That means you must win these matches within the week. The second tier is a Bonus Upgrade, and you get this when you win a minimum of eight matches within a week. EA Sports releases the Division Rivals rewards every Thursday. How do these rewards affect your FIFA coins PS5?

The rewards come as packs, including Premium Gold Pack, Gold Pack, Jumbo Gold Pack, Gold Players Pack, and more. You can unbundle these parks and trade items you do not need on the transfer market. You earn FIFA coins PS5 from the transaction. With these coins, you can increase other areas of your gaming adventures.


It is worth mentioning that the stronger your division, the higher and better the rewards you get. These mechanics apply to the milestones at the end of the season and the weekly rewards. Let us also reiterate that there are three different levels in the Division Rivals.

You do not have to win the matches. All you have to do is play many games. You have to play 20 matches for Tier 3, 50 matches for Tier 2, and 100 matches for Tier 1.

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