FIFA Coins PS5: Tips and Tricks to Master Defense in FIFA 23

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FIFA Coins PS5: Tips and Tricks to Master Defense in FIFA 23

Defense is very crucial in FIFA 23 as it plays an important role in your performance and the ability to earn more FIFA coins PS5. So, how do you improve your defense skills? The first thing you must understand is that talented offenses are a pain.

If you come across them on the pitch, you must have the right player in place for defense. Defenders have multi-faceted responsibilities and choosing the right player for the job is crucial. Let us look at tips you can use to master defense and increase your FIFA coins PS5 earnings.

Tip #1: Skip the AI

Without a doubt, using AI can be quite effective. However, you must understand that if you can use it, your opponent can also exploit it.

Artificial Intelligence has patterns, and real players with skills can exploit them to their advantage. Manually defending will bring you more success than using AI. Therefore, skip it. If you have to use it at all, use it sparingly.

Tip #2: Invest Your FIFA Coins PS5 on Agile Defenders

Many gamers are fixated on the overall rating of their defender. Instead of focusing on the overall rating of players, focus on specific skills. When a player is not fast or quick enough in keeping up with attacks, they become useless.

So, when choosing a defender, check their agility, stamina, and sprint speed. Players with quality pace and defending ratings ensure your opponent has a hard time on the offensive. You should invest your FIFA coins PS5 on defenders who have what it takes to roughen it out with your opponent’s offense.

Tip #3: Use Jockeying to your Advantage

Holding LT/L2 is jockeying. It enables your controlled defender to sustain face-up with the player in possession of the ball. This maneuver can pressure your opponent into unfavorable positions, allowing you to intercept.

You can also pressure them into making a poor pass with this method. Jockeying can slow your opponent down, and the few seconds they experience this can make a big difference in your game.

Tip #4: Wisely use Hard Tackle

You can pressure your opponent to give up the ball with hard tackles. Hold down B/O to use a hard standing tackle or hold down X/Square for a hard sliding tackle. Either of the two can stop a striker from running toward your goal.

It can also dispossess a midfield trying to play stay-away with the ball. However, you must know how to hard tackle because doing it at the wrong time can lead to you picking a costly foul or getting out of position. Only use this tactic when in a position that lets you get the ball first.


Hard tackling, jockeying, engaging agile defenders, and skipping AI for manual defending are crucial to defending in FIFA 23. We recommend you practice these tips to enable you to use them correctly.


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