How Much are Your FIFA 23 Coins Worth?

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How Much are Your FIFA 23 Coins Worth?

When playing FUT 23 mode, you receive FIFA 23 coins as a reward for completing each game. These coins are in-game credits you can use to buy players and consumable items. These items include Healing, Fitness, and Training items.

The items are available for purchase on the transfer market and each item has a price tag in FIFA coins. The coins are worth much in the game as you need them to improve your gaming experience.

With these credits, you cannot buy players to build a formidable team. You also cannot complete some game modes without having the right amount of coins.

What is the Worth of Your FIFA 23 Coins?

In monetary terms, you must understand that EA Sports is against monetizing coins. In other words, it frowns against the buying and selling of coins. That is because the game developer does not want players to make or pay real money to acquire or dispose of coins.

However, it is possible to buy and sell coins if you remain within the safety zone. We recommend you trade FIFA 23 coins through reputable platforms like to avoid getting banned from the game. So, how much are your FIFA coins worth?

Every seller has a specific pricing plan and various methods of selling and buying FIFA coins. Therefore, the prices will vary from site to site. Additionally, you should understand that the FUT coins rates are higher when the demand for them is high and the supply is low.

On average, you can trade 500K FIFA 23 coins for €120. The higher the volume of coins you have, the higher the value you can get in return. You may want to use a currency converter to know the exchange rate of coins in USD, GBP, and other currencies.

How to Exchange FIFA 23 Coins for Real Money

There are different ways to exchange your FIFA 23 coins for real money. It may interest you to know that some people make profits from this endeavor. Of course, you can also sell your coins once in a while if you have enough to spare.

To sell your coins, you can become a coin supplier at a reputable website. When you sign up to become a coins supplier, the platform lists your coins and sells them for you.

After completing the transaction, the website sends you the money the buyer pays after removing their commission. We recommend that you stick with a reliable platform when transacting businesses on FIFA coins.


Buying and selling FIFA 23 coins is frowned upon by EA Sports. However, this has not stopped players from participating in the activity. It is safe to buy and sell coins online if you choose a reliable website.

If you fall into the wrong hands, you can forfeit your money and coins because many self-acclaimed sellers are fraudsters. These individuals are looking for ways to steal from people. Try to avoid them by using the service of a reliable seller like


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