FIFA Coins Xbox: Tips to List Items on Transfer Market to Sell Fast

FIFA coins xbox

FIFA Coins Xbox: Tips to List Items on Transfer Market to Sell Fast

Do you have player cards or other items you want to trade fast? Knowing how to list them on the transfer market can significantly affect the speed of their sales. Listing items on the FIFA 23 transfer market means you want to put your player cards up for sale and people can bid on them. So, how do you post your players and items on the transfer market to enable bidding? This post offers a step-by-step guide on how to list items to earn FIFA coins Xbox.

Steps to List FUT Items and Player Cards on the Transfer Market to Earn FIFA Coins Xbox

If you are new to the transfer market, you can get a bit confused about the process. However, it is quite simple. You only need to know your way around to sell and earn FIFA coins Xbox. Here are the simple steps to sell on the Transfer Market.

Step 1: Select your item from My Club or your Squad.

Step 2: Pick Action with the X button on Xbox and the Square button on PS4.

Step 3: Select the “List on Transfer Market” option.

Step 4: Set the Starting Price and then the Buy Now Price. You also need to set the Duration per hour. We recommend you do not extend the bidding duration, especially if the item is of higher value. This ensures you sell it fast.

Step 5: Select the “List on Transfer Market” when you are done providing details of your listing.

You will receive a notification on the FUT Tax when you are done. You should know that the FUT tax is 5% of your sale price. This will be deducted from sale returns.

What do the Starting Price and Buy Now Price Mean?

The starting price refers to the lowest price specified in your bid. Auctioneers start bidding on your item from this price. The Buy Now Price is the maximum price for your bid. A bidder that pays this price can purchase your item right away.

What to know about Duration Setting

The Duration is the time your item will remain on the transfer market for bidding. Once the duration elapses, your items will automatically be removed from the listing and the market. You can set your Duration to an hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, or 3 days.

It is worth mentioning that you cannot trade items categorized under Untradeable Items on the transfer market.

You can only use these items in-game but not make FIFA coins Xbox from them. Also, you should know that you cannot remove a listing you have submitted. Wait until the time elapses and it is automatically removed to re-claim the item.


You can trade any tradeable items and player cards to earn FIFA coins Xbox on the transfer market. The steps to list your items are highlighted above. You can go ahead and list your product now by following the steps.

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