How FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Works for More FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

Fifa 23 coins xbox

How FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Works for More FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

FUT 23 has a completely revamped positioning and this opens doors for more interesting and diverse FUT teams. Of course, your ability to understand how these new changes work will improve your FIFA 23 coins Xbox earning potential.

It is also worth mentioning that there are many significant gameplay changes and updates to the Pro Clubs and Career Mode. However, the FUT is the major highlight. Apart from a new shared market and cross-play support, the game mode has also changed how position changes work.

Highlights of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Secondary Positions and the Effect on FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

FUT completely revamped the old positioning system and replaced it with a new setup to provide more options to gamers when building teams. For a start, the starting roles of players will no longer determine their switching positions. Instead, it will be more about the uniqueness of each player.

Apart from the listed positions on their cards, some players can be given secondary positions they can switch to. This switch will depend on the roles they have played in real-life.

Also, versatile players can have multiple secondary positions, which means you can have players starting on different wings. With the flexibility of players, you can be creative with their positioning to earn more FIFA 23 coins Xbox.

Highlights of FUT 23 Position Modifier Consumable

This is a new positioning that enables players to switch positions. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team no longer has specific modifiers like LM to LW or CAM to CF. It now has a single item. Gamers can earn the special consumables when they open packs or buy them on the transfer markets with FIFA 23 Coins Xbox.

When you apply the modifier, the FUT managers can select the secondary positions they want to move players to instead of gradually moving them backward or forward.

Highlights of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Best Position Changes

This is a new mechanism for position changes, and it offers many opportunities for squad building. Many top players in the game have exciting second positions you can leverage to transform your team.

Many secondary positions are effective for your squad building. They include Phil Foden (CAM), Alphonso Davies (LM), Sadio Mane (CF), Raheem Sterling (RW), and Kylian Mbappe (LW).

They also include Joe Gomez (RB), Marcus Rashford (ST), Arnaut Danjuma (ST), Christopher Nkunku (CAM), Renato Sanches (RM), and Wilfred Zaha (CF), among others.

Final Thought

Positioning is critical to your game’s success and FIFA 23 coins Xbox earning potential. With the new positioning changes in FIFA 23, you must understand them before getting too involved in the game. The highlights above are the new position changes you will find in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode.


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