Frame Rate for Starfield Confirmed by Todd Howard

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Frame Rate for Starfield Confirmed by Todd Howard

After a long waiting time, Todd Howard from Bethesda has finally confirmed the FPS for Starfield. He said in an interview recently that the frame rates for both the Series X and Series S will be locked to 30fps. He says that this is to make sure the game works consistently well on both devices. The focus is on making sure performance drops do not happen, even if it means giving up on buttery smooth videos. Will it look like Xbox games cheap options, though? Most likely not.

Xbox Games Cheap – Howard’s Comments on the Performance Settings

According to Todd Howard, this is not something that would surprise anyone in the gaming industry. He said that the company creates “these huge, open worlds, fully dynamic, hyper detail where anything can happen.”

So, to make all that look great, they do provide the full resolution on both devices. That means the Series X gets 4K and the Series S gets 2K.

However, he says that locking the game at 30 fps is because they want fidelity and don’t want performance drops.

Comparison with Arkane’s Redfall

It is worth noting that Bethesda is sharing this information 3 months ahead of the game’s launch in September. If you compare it to the situation with Redfall, you can see why they decided to do so.

Redfall’s showcase made it look like the game will run at 60 fps. However, a later announcement told everyone that it will come locked at 30 fps. Additionally, there will be a patch for 60 fps performance mode coming later.

Reaction from Gamers and Atonement from Microsoft

This was upsetting for a lot of people and gamers went to Microsoft with a lot of grievance on the matter. However, it did not go smoothly, and we all know by now what the result was for that game.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer did apologize for the game later and he also gave a detailed explanation of what went wrong.

Apparently, the game was close to launching when Microsoft bought Arkane, and that led to issues since the company was not properly a part of the development process.

Xbox Games Cheap – Microsoft Behaving Better Now?

Finally, it seems that Microsoft is learning from past mistakes and making sure that fans get exactly what they expect. Telling everyone that the game runs at 30 fps might lead to some backlash.

However, it will also result in gamers getting one of the most stable games from Bethesda in years. Of course, there is still plenty of time left before we get to see if the strategy pans out.

So, all you can do in the meanwhile is spend your time enjoying some other Xbox games cheap. A great option to choose right now is Need for Speed Unbound.

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