Cheapest 87-Rated Players to Buy with FIFA 23 Coins PS5

fifa 23 coins ps5

Cheapest 87-Rated Players to Buy with FIFA 23 Coins PS5

Completing SBCs allows you to earn exciting rewards. So, which players should you have in your squad to complete the challenges? While you may invest your FIFA 23 coins PS5 in some expensive players, you can achieve the same success with some of the cheapest 87-rated players.

Of course, you can buy expensive players if you have the resources. However, if you are low on coins and you want to complete your SBCs, choose cheap players you can afford. 87-rated players are those who go right into the FUT squad but you can use them to complete SBCs at a lower cost.

Highlights of the Cheapest 87-Rated Players to buy with FIFA 23 Coins PS5

  • Muller from Germany: 16,250
  • Fabinho from Brazil: 16,000
  • Rodri from Spain: 16,250
  • Weghorst from the Netherlands: 16,000
  • Lloris from France: 16,500
  • Verratti from Italy: 16,500
  • Goretzka from Germany: 16,750
  • Alexander-Arnold from England: 16,250

Cheapest 87-Rated Players for Top Leagues

You may need to have players from certain leagues when playing some SBCs. Here is the list of some of the cheapest 87-rated players from the top five leagues in FIFA 23.

Series A:

  • Maignan from France: 17,500
  • Martinez from Argentina: 28,500
  • Giroud from Frane: 19,250
  • Milinkovic-Savic from Serbia: 25,000
  • Amrabat from Morocco: 26,500

La Liga:

  • Amavi from France: 38,000
  • Antonio Rudiger from Germany: 17,250
  • Frenkie de Jong from the Netherlands: 17,500

Ligue 1:

  • Dimitri Playet from France: 28,000
  • Verratti from Italy: 16,500
  • Nicolas Pepe from Ivory Coast: 40,250

Premier League:

  • De Gea from Spain: 16,500
  • Lloris from France: 16,500
  • Rodri from Span: 16,250
  • Fabinho from Brazil: 16,000
  • Alexander-Arnold from England: 16,500


  • Muller from Germany: 16,250
  • Goretzka from Germany: 16,750
  • Schick from Czech Republic: 21,500
  • Boateng from Ghana: 16,500
  • Wirtz from Germany: 28,500

Highlights of the Cheapest 87-Rated TOTW Players to buy with FIFA 23 Coins PS5

Do you need a TOTW player card for a top-rated squad? You do not have to spend a fortune to get the player card. Here are some TOTW players your FIFA 23 coins PS5 can buy without denting a hole in your wallet.

  • Douglas Luiz from Brazil: 25,000
  • Mehdi Taremi from Iran: 21,500
  • Martinez from Argentina: 28,500
  • Milinkovic-Savic from Serbia: 25,000
  • Barella from Italy: 32,000

Final Thoughts – FIFA 23 Coins

Building a formidable squad does not mean you should wipe out your entire FIFA 23 coins PS5. You only need to know the perfect players to buy. This post explores different player cards you can consider for your SBCs completion.

If you do not have enough coins to buy the players of your choice, you can buy FIFA coins from to boost your wallet. You can rest assured that the platform is safe and secure. So, you have no excuse for not having enough coins to build the perfect squad.

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