How to Become Better at Shooting in FIFA 23 to Earn FIFA Coins

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How to Become Better at Shooting in FIFA 23 to Earn FIFA Coins

Scoring goals is the basis of football, and without it, there is no victory. Your success in FIFA 23 depends on the number of goals you achieve and other performance metrics. To consistently achieve goals, your shooting must be accurate to earn FIFA coins.

In most cases, shot precision is not enough. First, you must contend with the defenders and keeper to aim for the goal. Understanding the different options, your players have to score can transform chances into perfect goals.

Additionally, knowing how to perform the perfect shot and getting familiar with different shooting options and finishing techniques are crucial. The best part is that the more goals you score, the higher the number of FIFA coins you earn.

This post focuses on tips and tricks to become better at shooting in FIFA 23 to improve your coins earning potential. Let us get into the details.

Tip #1: Keep it Simple and Just Tap on the Shot

It is exciting to use fancy flicks and moves. Stylish finishing is also the delight of every FIFA player. However, everything has its time. If you have to get in the shots to achieve a goal, get it as accurately as you can in the simplest manner and leave out the fancy move for a moment.

You can always do your stylish movement and finishing when you are not under pressure. However, if your success depends on precision, forget about everything else and achieve a precise shot. Remember, the goal is to earn more FIFA coins and only your goals can achieve this.

Tip #2: Power the Shot to Earn FIFA Coins

It is crucial to consider the distance from the goal when shooting. The distance may require you to use a power shot. However, you must be careful not to overdo it. A heavy power shot can throw your ball flying into the air without direction.

In the same way, not using enough power will only make the ball trickle toward the post and make it super easy for your opponent to stop the shot. Therefore, exert the right amount of power on your shot to achieve the perfect finishing.

Tip #3: Select your Shot and Play it with Precision

Before bearing down on a goal, the first thing is to decide on the shot to make based on the situation of your player. Is it better to bend the ball right into the bottom with a finesse shot or lob the keeper with a simple Chip Shot? This decision will inform the specific shot to take.

Tip #4: Learn from your Past Mistakes

While this may seem a bit cliché, the truth is that many things will be affected if you make a wrong shot. Too little or too much power can affect your results. Therefore, whenever you have a failed attempt at a shot, wait a moment to analyze what went wrong.

Did your player use their weaker foot? Was the goalkeeper too close? Did you exert too little or too much power? Explore these questions and improve on them for subsequent attempts.

FIFA Coins – Conclusion

Finally, practice to become better. You can play in the practice arena and use skill games to boost your accuracy in different shots. You may also want to play multiple games online and offline to learn the most effective shots in different scenarios. With these, you can improve your performance and FIFA coins earning potential.

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