FIFA Coins PS4: 4 Career Mode Alternatives to FUT in FIFA 23

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FIFA Coins PS4: 4 Career Mode Alternatives to FUT in FIFA 23

While the gaming industry is predominantly dominated by online multiplayer gaming, EA Sports’ Career Mode is thriving beyond imagination. The game developers fulfill the demands of players by introducing numerous new features to keep gamers entertained in Career Mode. The best part is there are more FIFA coins PS4 to earn through these different game features. What more? Career Mode can go head-to-head with FUT in terms of entertainment and enjoyment.

If you are interested in trying something exciting apart from FIFA Ultimate Team, let us share some Career Mode alternatives that will challenge your gaming skills.

#1: Play Transfer Ban to Earn more FIFA Coins PS4

The transfer ban challenge offers the perfect immersion of exhilaration for newbies in career mode. The challenge forces gamers to implement a managerial initiative to deal with the game challenge.

Transfer Ban requires you to hold out for as long as you can without a single transfer. However, your focus is expected to be solely on the pathway from the youth academy to the first team. Of course, you can recall loan players to boost your squad.

#2: Get AFC Richmond to the Premier League and rake in the FIFA Coins PS4

One of the most unexpected and intriguing new addition to FIFA 23 is Ted Lasso’s AFC Richmond. The conjured London-based team is now a popular option in career mode and you can choose this team to launch them to the path of glory.

The best part is that you can select Ted Lasso himself to be their manager avatar, complete with his iconic mustache and Nike trainers. Moreover, you are sure to have an immersive game experience and a high chance of earning more FIFA coins PS4 in this career mode.

#3: Win the League Each Year – Get all or Nothing

For some clubs, it is a necessity to win the league title each season and they commit to the goal. You can take this as your new goal in FIFA 23 career mode and decide to win every season. Also, you must ensure that your team wins the league champions for every season you plan or end the career mode if you do not win.

You should consider this challenge if you want to experience the thrill associated with high stakes in Career Mode. In addition, you can make the task more challenging by choosing an all-or-nothing career mode in Europe’s top five leagues. These include Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Premier League, and La Liga.

#4: Play Road to Glory

Road to Glory offers one of the most engaging and rewarding gaming experiences in FIFA 23 career mode. Also, your goal is to convert the fate of some of the worst-rated clubs in FIFA 23 by winning promotions for their top division.

With this, you can establish the team as a remarkable domestic and international force in football. Also, the road to Glory is a favorite of many players and is mostly used in EFL League Two where you need three promotions to attain the Premier League.


There you have it! If you are ready to take some hits and put yourself on the hot spot in FIFA 23, these are FUT alternatives to consider. Also, they offer a high potential to earn more FIFA coins PS4.

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