How to Invest in FIFA 23 Players to Earn FIFA Coins

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How to Invest in FIFA 23 Players to Earn FIFA Coins

Knowing how to invest in players will guarantee profits, and the good news is that you can start now. You only need some FIFA coins and patience. With time, your investment will increase, and you can rake in a profit. How do you get these coins?

You can earn them from game activities and you can also buy them from This is a reputable website offering everything FIFA 23, including FIFA 23 coins Xbox. Now that you know how to get your coins, let’s look at how to invest in FIFA 23 players to earn more FIFA coins.

Fodder Investing: The Best Way to Earn Millions of FIFA Coins

What is Fodder Investing? This type of investment looks at players most likely to be used by gamers for Squad Building Challenges. EA Sports is big on special cards, and these cards are for those players that sell fast and profitably.

Therefore, it is best to go for these cards since EA Sports will release SBCs requiring a special card or rating at some point. When this happens, the demands increase for these players in the transfer market. With high demands, you can cash out and make more FIFA coins.

Which are the Best Players to Buy?

When it comes to investment, you must select your players carefully. Not only that – you must buy them way before the game developer decides to release SBCs requiring them. Consider buying when they are cheap.

To get started, you can go to the transfer market and search for players above a specific rating. You can also check other third-party websites to buy your players. So, what ratings should you look out for when buying FIFA 23 players?

Any player with at least an 83 rating has a great chance of getting selected. However, stay away from the highest-rating players. For example, a player like Mbappe with a 91 rating is not a good choice because no one will select him.

He will have little to no impact when an SBC is released because no gamer will choose Mbappe to play in an SBC. Instead, gamers choose players with 83 to 90 ratings, such as Thibaut Courtois. He has a good value of about 35K.

If you have enough FIFA coins to buy such a player, he will increase your returns on investments. If you do not, you can always choose those with at least an 83 rating. You will find several 83-rating and 84-rating players in the transfer market that you can buy with 1000-1500 coins.

Final Thought

Thinking ahead helps you to make smart investments. Do not wait until EA Sports releases an SBC before you start searching for players. Search and buy them when they are cheap. Browse through the transfer market or other third-party platforms to find 83-and-84-rating players and buy them with your FIFA coins.

If they are too expensive, do not buy them. However, if you get a player for 1500 coins, buy and add him to your club. When they release a new SBC, check their price in the market and sell for a higher price. Of course, you can use it for your game too.

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