How to Play FIFA 23 Like a Pro and Earn FIFA Coins PS5

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How to Play FIFA 23 Like a Pro and Earn FIFA Coins PS5

FIFA 23 boasts numerous state-of-the-art technologies and features the latest kits, transfers, tournaments, and leagues. The competitiveness in the game has gone a notch higher and gamers must hone their skills to improve their performance. Improving your performance means you have to curate the best players in your squad. Unfortunately, exceptional players cost FIFA coins PS5. You do not have to worry. offers the best deals on FIFA coins if you do not have enough to buy your players.

With the best players in your squad, the next thing is to develop skills and become a professional player. This post provides tips and tricks to boost your gameplay and play like a pro.

Tips to Play like a Pro and earn more FIFA Coins PS5

#1: Train and Practice to Improve Performance 

Spend time in FIFA 23 Career Mode where you can fill up your calendars with training exercises. You can complete the exercise manually or through slimming. While it is not recommended that you spend hours practicing without playing the real game to earn FIFA coins PS5, practicing will boost your skills.

You are sure to learn some new things that will come in handy when playing real games. Additionally, explore Squad Battles in Ultimate Team. This game mode lets you play against the AI, and you can choose the difficulty level and the opponents you want to go against. The best part is you get to win some cool prizes for your efforts.

#2: Get Your Formation Right

It is crucial to invest time into curating a good formation. Each player has their way of playing the game. Before you jump into a competitive circuit, spend time playing against AI and other players to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

Also, learn the formation that works best for you. Most gamers find the 3-5-2 formations exceptionally good, but you can work with what works for you.

#3: Learn How to Defend to boost Performance and more FIFA Coins PS5 Earning

Many FIFA 22 players struggled with keeping their backline structured and organized, and it affected their performances. For FIFA 23, we recommend you do more than step up with a single-player-controlled defender.

Doing this will leave an opening in your squad behind to allow the opposition to slide a ball through the line. Whether you play against the AI or other players, build your defense to make it tighter. With this, it becomes difficult for your opponent to knock a ball through the line either by dribbling or doing a quick one-two.


Finally, get used to your equipment. Knowing how to use the buttons is crucial if you want to deliver shots and kicks like a pro. You must understand that timing is crucial. Therefore, work toward getting your connection with the ball as precise as possible.


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