Top 4 Super-fast Players in FIFA 23 to Invest FIFA Coins PS5 on

FIFA coins PS5

Top 4 Super-fast Players in FIFA 23 to Invest FIFA Coins PS5 on

Each FIFA edition has players with the capacity to overpower others. Players, such as R9 cost a fortune in terms of FIFA coins PS5 when buying them. However, they work hard for the multiple million coins you invest in them. They are not just fancy player cards.

They rank among the best players in FIFA 23 you can invest in. These are players you see almost in every second match. So, who are these super-fast players in FIFA 23? Let’s look at them in detail to help you decide if you should invest your FIFA coins PS5 in them or not.

#1 Superfast Player worth Spending FIFA Coins PS5 on: Saeed Al-Owairan

Nobody deserves the fastest player in FIFA 23 but Saeed Al-Owairan. He is surely the new king of the FIFA Ultimate Team. His pace is insanely unmatchable, and everyone who ever faced him in the Weekend League or Rivals understands what a pain he can be.

When compared to other players, he is the hyper-definition of Usain Bolt, and other players seem to move in slow motion when on the pitch with him. At the time of writing this article, Saeed Al-Owairan is undoubtedly the fastest play worth buying with FIFA coins PS5 in FIFA 23.

#2: Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe remains the only gold player worth spending a decent amount of FIFA coins PS5. He ranked among the top strikers during his time in the Lengthy meta. While other players became worse after the update, Mbappe maintains his credibility and exceptional performance on the pitch.

He is powerful on the field, and when he starts running, he dusts opponents and makes them look unserious. Mbappe also has great finishing abilities, and it is rare to find him missing one-vs-one situations against a keep.

You can also use his five-star skills to dribble any player in your way as you aim for the goal. You should consider investing your FIFA coins in this player.

#3: Patrick Vieira

Vieira is one of the fastest players and expensive players in FIFA 23. He is mostly used by streamers and professionals because he costs a fortune in FIFA coins PS5. The good news is with the release of the World Cup Swaps that allow you to exchange your tokens for a couple of World Cup Icons, you can unlock Patrick Vieira.

#4: Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker holds your left offensive side and takes care of everyone on the way. He is extremely fast and does not require the Lengthy AcceleRATE type to play like a monster. Thanks to the new special player cards available throughout the year, you can rely on Kyle Walker to get the job done for you pretty well.

FIFA Coins PS5- Conclusion

Saeed Al-Owairan, Kylian Mbappe, Patrick Vieira, and Kyler Walker are the top four fastest players in FIFA 23 worth buying. You can put your FIFA coins PS5 to good use by getting these players on your team. You will make your coins back in a couple of matches.

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