How to Use FIFA 23 Trading Methods to Increase FIFA Coins Xbox

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How to Use FIFA 23 Trading Methods to Increase FIFA Coins Xbox

If you played FIFA 22, you are most familiar with the trading methods in FIFA 23. The good thing is they are not complex. They are simple and work effectively for all versions of FIFA games.

Also, the methods are effective for a longer period and not just for a few weeks or months. You can use any of these methods to increase your gameplay and FIFA coins Xbox. The only thing is you must stick to your chosen method and keep using it to ensure profitability.

You can make millions of coins by becoming skillful in using one of these trading methods. Are you interested in buying FIFA coins Xbox? Check out for the best deals.

Effective Trading Methods for Earning FIFA Coins Xbox in FIFA 23

  • Bronze Trading Method

This is your go-to method at the start of the game. Log in to FUT and go through the objectives. Claim your 600 FIFA coins box from starter objectives and use them on trading on the transfer market.

While you may think these coins are not enough, they are more than enough to start trading on Bronze. How do you do this? Look for players on bids. These players are listed at a lower price than their lowest “buy now” price.

When you find the players, include them on your watch list and compare them. You may see some with 150 coins bid while their lowest “buy now” price is around 600 coins. You can place a bid for the player at 200 and wait.

Many people do not trade bronze players, which means you have a high chance of winning the bid. After buying the player, list them in the transfer market for 500 coins to undercut the next cheapest price at 600 coins. You get to earn more FIFA coins Xbox from this trading method.

  • Silver Trading Method

This is slightly similar to the bronze trading method but in this case, you look for Silver players. You must note that these players are more desirable compared to bronze players, which means you may not win many of the bids.

However, you can still win a lot. It may only require that you add more coins to make your bid attractive. While you are buying for more, you will certainly sell them for more later on in the transfer market.

Final Thoughts

It is best to use these two trading methods – Bronze and Silver, at the beginning of your game. You can start with bronze trading and build your FIFA coins Xbox to about 10,000 coins before progressing to silver trading.

When you have grown your wallet considerably, you can proceed to Chemistry style trading and Bulk Bidding methods. These will help you to earn more coins for more trading.

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