Tips to Score Power Shots in FIFA 23 and Earn FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

FIFA 23 coins xbox

Tips to Score Power Shots in FIFA 23 and Earn FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

FIFA 23 ushers in a new shot mechanic just as the previous edition did. The new edition has new Power Shots as its hallmark, which can land you more goals and ultimately more FIFA 23 coins Xbox.

However, if you have tried using this feature, you will notice it takes a long time from the time you press the button to when the player shoots the ball. This post looks at how you can enhance your Power Shots and score more goals in FIFA Ultimate Team.

What are Power Shots in FIFA 23?

You have different opportunities to score goals using the new game mechanic in FIFA 23. There is the Timed Finishing, and also the low-driven shots in past FIFAs. For this year’s edition, players have the Power Shots to get the ball into the net.

Power Shots are what the name suggests. They are extremely powerful shots with a high potential to land the ball in the net. However, the new shots come with their challenges. For instance, it is hard to get a shot off without having it blocked along the way.

You may also find it difficult to hit the target even with the mechanic. So, how can you boost your Power Shots to score more goals and earn more FIFA 23 coins Xbox?

How Power Shots Work to guarantee more FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

You execute the Power Shots by pressing the R1 and L1 buttons simultaneously with the shot button on PlayStation. If you are playing on Xbox, press on LB and RB. It is possible to mistakenly execute a Low Driven Shot while trying to get a Power Shot, especially if you are used to the combination from previous years.

How to Score Most Power Shots in your Game to Earn FIFA 23 Coins Xbox

When using the Power Shots, you will notice it takes a long time for the player to shoot the ball. It is all about the design. However, you can make it faster with some simple tips. Interesting, you do not have to perform a Power Shot if you want to score a Power Shot. So, what do you do?

Press your shot button just like you would do with a normal shot. Next, press the other two buttons, LB + RB on Xbox and R1 + L1 on PlayStation. You should do this before the player strikes the ball and before the animation starts.

Subsequently, you can use the Power Shot to make a shot. While it takes more time than it normally would, you should practice using the button to perform a shot. It will come in handy when playing corners.


It takes time to get the perfect timing for achieving a Power Shot effect. Pressing the shoulder buttons early will make your player make a regular shot and a very slow Power Shot. Also, pressing it too late will result in a normal shot. You must aim for the perfect time to enable you to achieve the goal and ultimately earn FIFA 23 coins Xbox.

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